9 Replies to “So Who’s Responsible For Downtown Fullerton’s Architectural Disgrace?”

  1. The image on this post is the funniest yet! I can’t help to think that it’s a play on Mr. Jones, the Texan, who someone on this blog has referred to as “Dr. Hee Haw”. You guys are too funny and a bit mean spirited, and since its a blog what the hell…..

    1. Downtown Merchant, “You guys are too funny and a bit mean spirited”, first, were not all guys, and second, we’re not mean spirited, just telling the truth with a bit of humor. On the subject of humor, I see you liked to watch Hee Haw.

  2. Actually there are several former city staff stooges Galvan, Chalupsky, and Dudley who have been backed by a core group of citizens posing as protectors of architecture tat are responsible for this junk.

  3. That’s true Commish. But let’s never forget who backed them – the City Councils over the years. And the current members like Quirk, Nelson and Keller aren’t going to get a pass either. Especially not after Jefferson Commons and Amerige Court!

  4. Lest we not forget the fine folks at the Planning Department.

    Yes, there in goal in life is to give everyone who walks up to their run-down but hallowed counter on the 3rd Floor of City Hall hell.

    Yet they roll over like lap dogs or little puppy dogs for big time developers.

    I know, I was remodeling a house up near Los Coyotes and some jerk named Chi Yang read me the riot act. Right after me, some developers arrive in suits and ties and this guy almost goes down on them!

    Must be nice being a big time developer.

  5. #3 Why didn’t you just give Galvan a bowl of milktoast, or better yet Chaplupski or Dudley would have been your drinking buddies at Florintino’s and you would have got what ever you needed.

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