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  1. Just before Nelson started straight talkin, Dick Jones had this look on his face that he just finished removing something from his mouth, I wonder what that could have been?

  2. What’s really funny about these clowncilmembers is how they just don’t seem to be able to say anything coherent. Whether they are just stupidly inarticulate (like Bankhead), nutsy-cracker-wacko (like Jones), mealy-mouthed not wanting to offend anybody trying to look thoughtful (Quirk), or batting the eye-lashes I’m just a foolish girl (Keller) the other four seem unable to anything concisely or clearly.

    I can only imagine what it would be like if we had five Nelsons. Short, efficient meetings with all of the staff bullshit weeded out ahead of time.

    No wonder Nelson wants to move on to the County. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain involved having to deal with those other four – especially in a closed session.

  3. Yea what a hero. He’s no better, except more articulate, than the others. He just happens to be a “Friend”. I think a complete overhaul of our city council would be a good thing for Fullerton.

    1. Gilligan, Nelson is far from perfect and he’s made some pretty bad votes. But at least he can articulate his positions and he’s been right on the pension deal, Redevelopment expansion, etc. He’s in a completely different league than those other four. Have you ever heard any of the others do anything other and obfuscate, confuse, and talk out of their…well, you get the drift.

      You may get your wish about replacing all of them – or almost all. Bankhead and Keller are up for re-election; Jones is going to bug out, too (we hear), and Nelson is likely to be gone to since he is pretty likely to make the BOS runoff. Four vacancies?

      Hmm. This sounds like a new post!

  4. Gilligan :
    He just happens to be a “Friend”.

    How does one “happen” to become a Friend? It seems to me that you have to walk the walk.

    Nelson is pretty good at it. I haven’t seen him on the wrong side of a vote for anything important in a long time.

    This blog doesn’t seem to take any bull from anyone. I’ve seen family and friends thrown under the bus here for doing stupid stuff. I don’t think Nelson would get any special treatment. And he probably knows that.

  5. Well put Chatterbox.

    I’ve seen the underside of that bus, but no complaints here. Mr. B and his gang of merry malcontents are what every city needs. If more people would pull their heads out of their proverbial backsides, our cities would have more examples of elected people like Nelson.

    I think he voted no on MMD’s, but for the most part he articulates clearly and concisely why he believes or doesn’t believe in an issue. And you can’t argue with that.

    I think you guys/gals hit the nail on the head when you began “outing” the organizations that are the real ugly underbelly of support for the dimwitted morons that get elected.

    By exposing to the public, who these cockroach organizations are, the roles they play in funding campaigns, all the while keeping themselves insulated from public exposure, you begin to “crack” the intelligentsia’s play book.

    Drag their godforsaken Asses into the sunlight for all to see and expose them for the hacks they are.

    For that matter, Fullerton is no different from any other town in OC or California. It’s just that Fullerton actually elected someone with some brain cells and they are engaged. Too bad for Fullerton he’s going to be the next 4th district Supervisor, good for Bank”rupt”head and Dick “the village idiot” Jones, et. al. they can go back to….well they can’t go back to business as usual because of this blog, now can they?

    That’s the beauty if this blog: it enables other like mined people. It lets them know that there are others out here that believe that government should not be in the business of being in business. That the single and only arbiter of ones own happiness is not government, it’s the individual. Government never gave anything to anyone that they did not take from somebody else in the form of taxes.

    I guess my soapbox got the best of me.

    Have a good labor day everyone and don’t kill anyone because you decided to drink and drive.

  6. I love you,scarletpimpernickel. the truth is more seductive than the politically correct drivel that drools from most of fullerton’s city council members’ mouths (except shawn nelson). But I am shocked to hear that $16,000 tax dollars were spent by our municipal gov’t to determine whether amplified sound sounds loud. amplified sound=loud and it should not be played outdoors, late at night. Any fool could have determined that for free.

  7. You need not travel far from Fullerton to locate drooling dolts and corrupt, spineless, gutless-wonders in politics.

    It is an unfortunate truth; Most intelligent of the populace will not seek to be around those that they must debase their thoughts just to serve the public. The imbeciles that get elected keep most from taking on the endeavor of seeking the post of elected official. Like an ointment that repels the common sense, thus it drives away those that would serve best the public good.

    I’m very encouraged that someone like Shawn Nelson was successful in being elected to council. It renews my faith in my fellow man’s awakening consciousness that there is hope for those of us who believe in better, more efficient, less intrusive government.

    If they blew $16,000 just think of the money spent on consultants for asinine ideas that you don’t know about!

  8. scarletpimpernickel, our current economic morass shook us into awareness that big government at every level is starving capitalism and entrepreurial persons. fullerton’s redevolpment debacle, the 6 million dollars spent to try and move a mcdonalds a few feet and now keller’s collaborgate is our municipal crisis. Fullertonites can no longer afford keller, quirk or jones vision of a better fullerton

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