Beauty and The Beasts

Fullerton School District Trustee Minard Duncan (or someone doing a marvelous impersonation) visited our site a while back and left this observation about City Councilman Shawn Nelson’s wife, Sharon:

Nelson’s wife is a very pretty women as well as pleasant and cordial! It is hard not to drool around her.

Apart from the sharp needle-jump into the red on our FFFF creep-o-meter, it set us to thinking about mature male politicos and attractive, significantly younger females.

Minard lookin' good!
Pretty and cordial, too!

Some politicos avoid having their pictures taken with beauty contest winners for fear that the young woman will get all the attention, and the politician will look rather like an ugly duckling alongside. Others either haven’t learned that lesson, or are so starved for attention that they do it anyway.

Say cheese!
No personal space in this biz. Smile 'til it hurts

And of course some just can’t seem to resist laying hands on the pretty young things.

Yeehaw! A coupla young fillies in the corral...

22 Replies to “Beauty and The Beasts”

    1. Lighten up #1, this is fun. I enjoy like a little break from all that Fullerton Collaborative Pam keller stuff.

  1. Personally I think it’s great that our elder statesmen appreciate feminine pulchritude. I applaud them!

    Beauty contestants know they have to pose with people and all the physical contact is just part of the job.

  2. I think it’s pretty creepy. Who says they have to get all touchy-feely with a complete stranger. This charming custom needs to be eliminated. It’s one thing to pose with somebody for a photo. It’s another thing to have them press up against you. Eeew.

  3. give these poor men a break. they have been wandering for years in a brick veneer jungle. You cant blame them for clinging to natural beauty after witnessing the horrors they saw on the corners of dowtown fullerton

  4. OK, I lied, I got lots to say but my medication milk shake of Cialis-Lavitra-Viagra is makin me dizzy…and don’t forget the Horny Goat Weed! H ah hah ahaha haa.

    Young girls, 18 and over, have been jumpin next to old men for years, hell since my Australopithecus aferensis relatives have been around eatin bananas. No one can make head nor tails as to why. Money? Power? the maternal instict to check the old mans depends undergarments to see if he needs changin? Who the hell knows? But for some reason these nubile sweet young things can’t control themselves around old men.

    I shall hypothosize that becuase they are old, have no teeth or hair for that matter, can’t function without (you know what I mean you sex addicts) prescription intervention, don’t remember their own name without checking their underware, they pose absolutley no threat. None.

    But they do have what all girls want….. MONEY and they are stupid enough to give it away to pretty smiling girls who pose for a picture with the old farts.

    BTW, Nelson’s wife is a cutie.

    1. Yep, he said it all right.

      As far as the question what’s going on at this webiste, who knows? It’s a bit of a free for all – something Fullerton’s been in need of for about 120 years.

    2. Welcome to our website, Shawn. A lot is going on here. Check out our recent posts, especially the one about the MWD pension increase proposal.

      Will Jim Blake support this? What happens if he does? Will you support his continued representation of Fullerton on the MWD Board?

  5. Oh please. This isn’t exactly girls gone wild or old fogies gone wild.

    His comment at best was puerile. There’s no reason to put either Minard or Mrs. Nelson in the spotlight over this, and at this point I’d rank this as the dumbest post ever.
    Frankly, old guys posing with young gals with crown is an old tradition. So I’m really not sure, Shadow…. are you more pissed off at the old guys or the young gals?

    1. Minard deserves to be put in the spotlight for the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on this site. This dimwit is a school board trustee. Puerile at best? The guy must be 70. (I think you meant puerile at worst).

      As far as the old geezers or the young women, they are both acting out roles that ought to have been dropped a long time ago. I have no idea what alleged benefits “Miss Fullerton” confers on the contestants, but I really wonder if they’re worth having to go to Chamber of Commerce events and pose with the touchy-feely members. Harmless? Who knows? But it seems pretty tasteless and inappropriate to me. maybe it’s an old tradition that needs to be put to rest.

  6. I enjoyed this post it was funny. The comment by Duncan was used to illustrate a general (and true) observation about male politicians that was illustrated with images of Fullerton’s Finest at play.

    I hope they keep posing for shots like these for a long, long time.

  7. I can’t believe you would make something out of this harmless tradition. I look forward to these Chamber gatherings when we can meet these charming and accomplished young ladies in person. It’s a lot more entertaining than the usual mixers and the girls really appreciate getting to meet Fullerton’s business and civic leaders.

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