Rosecrans/Euclid Project Update


Does RDRC like fake 2nd floors?
The RDRC likes fake 2nd floors.

A few months ago we posted  on the remodeling underway at the Rosecrans/Euclid shopping center. We shared information that a city planner had insinuated himself into the design process; we opined that government and good design rarely mix; and we promised periodic visual updates.


Is that a caretakers unit above retail?
Is that a caretakers unit above retail?

On that last point we have been remiss, and so we now share some images. They don’t seem to have made a lot of progress, but as you can see all that wasted space has been wrapped in lath and stuccoed – all wasted materials, too.


Are those multi-units above retail, or, perhaps mixed use?
Are those multi-units above retail, or, perhaps it's a mixed use project? We will soon find out.

11 Replies to “Rosecrans/Euclid Project Update”

  1. Se La Vi 2 RDRC,

    As FFFF has pointed out, almost all the projects that RDRC approves seem to be very crummy (stucco, styrofoam, small windows, no shade kind of crap), so why waste any ones time and money on the RDRC? Does the City charge for this architectural board oversight? Seems to me like they are just creating more blight!

  2. proof positive we are in a depression. this dying shopping mall has breathed its last breath and is now entombed in stucco and scaffolding.

  3. Come to think of it, Amerige Heights commercial center is full of fake 2nd floors. Admin, will you give me $100 bucks if I email you a photo of the fake 2nd floors at Amerige Heights?

  4. Henry, I hope you send me the photo’s, but not for a $100 bucks, please do it to for the cause!

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