Roscoes at it Again, Temporary Nuisance, Permanent Arrogance

Just what exactly does “temporary” mean? “Roscoe’s Famous” Deli,” and famous noise polluter in downtown Fullerton is back to the Planning Commission Wednesday night to try to get a “special event permit” for outdoor amplified music.

"lyrical elements of apocalyptic fears and collective oppression"
Oh yeah! Mixed-use, baby!

The Planning Commission and City Council already agreed that outdoor amplified music is not a good thing for our community. Allowing loud music to be permitted on a permanent basis will stump Fullerton’s bright future of continuing to become a center of mixed-use commerce and residences as defined by the current downtown zoning (C3.)  If we want our downtown to unfold in a positive direction it’s imperative that we as a community find a balance between business, entertainment and living in the downtown. Its real simple: if you want loud noise you need to put it inside. In fact the city required Tuscany Club to keep it’s door shut during the hours it has its loud entertainment- that sounds like a reasonable idea doesn’t it ?

As usual the City staff has gotten everything ass-backward.

it all depends which way you're facing...
From where we're standing it looks reasonable...

Instead of establishing an objective code and requiring that businesses abide by it, they are actually justifying a likely nuisance as way to experiment with amplified music outdoors, and thus circumvent the existing Code. The taxpayers have just paid for an acoustical study. What are the results? Those results should be used to amend the Code or leave it as is. Then it should be used as a mechanism to approve or deny permits – “special event” or otherwise, and if necessary, code enforcement.  The special event permit also strangely omits hours of operation. That’s pretty negligent, and we wonder why.

Roscoe’s didn’t get approved for a permanent permit to play amplified music outdoors; now they are trying to get a temporary permit to do that very same thing…. Hey that’s very creative, but we don’t think a special event permit should evade that original denial, and we don’t think a temporary permit was ever intended for eight events spanning an entire summer! Can you imagine having a neighbor that continues to have a backyard party with a loud electric band every weekend ? That’s how a lot of Roscoe’s neighbors feel…

It could be worse. It could be Speed Metal!
It could be worse. It could be Speed Metal!

This is the Municipal Code that deals with temporary event permits in the City of Fullerton:

The Fullerton Municipal Code defines a special event as “an event that will be conducted outdoors to which the general public is admitted or invited. Such an event includes a carnival festival tent or car show, circus parade, auction rally or similar kind of temporary outdoor exhibit or performance” (Accents added).

As follows is the roster of Roscoe’s “special event” application-

Roscoe’s Special Events Request List:
Sunday June 14th Bootlegger Bike Fund Raiser. 4-9 pm
Saturday June 20th Silvia’s Engagement party. 7-12 pm
Sunday June 21st Fathers Day Celebration. 4-9pm
Sunday June 28th SOCO Guest Bartender Fund Raiser. 4-9 pm
Sunday July 12th Bootlegger Bike Fund Raiser. 4-9 pm
Sunday July 26th SOCO Guest Bartender Fund Raiser. 4-9pm
Sunday August 9th Bootlegger Bike Fund Raiser. 4-9pm
Sunday August 30th SOCO Guest Bartender Fund Raiser. 4-9 pm

Friends, you decide if this is just a way to get around the rules that all the rest of us are supposed to abide by. Let’s not forget that in the original permanent use hearing the City ignored its own environmental review obligations. Why is Famous Roscoes and its owner, Jack Franklyn, receiving all this special consideration and hand holding from the City? The law is the law. We all live by it everyday, and so should he.

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  1. I just checked on the City’s web site and saw the special event request for Roscoe’s and you guys are right ! Roscoe’s is having the same event over and over again ! Its not a special event, its just business as usual…..You think they might of put a little more effort into lying about it—– Obvious !
    Funny, but not so funny.

  2. I don’t think its funny at all. I know a few of those neighbors and they tell me Jack Franklin is the neighborhood bully down there and just does what he wants despite most of his neighbors pleading with him to stop.
    Guess the guy with the most free beer wins ?

    Not cool when people are getting affected.

    1. Just thought I’d let you know my fa.imy lived on the same street as Jack and he was NEVER a bully to our family. He was very kind and was generous enough to help with a bike run to raise money for my parents bike accident so really quite the opposite.

      1. Jack Franklyn was one of the original abusers of the City’s slack attitude of enforcing the noise ordinances on the books when he established his fiefdom south of Commonwealth. Others followed and joined in the free-for-all.

        Whether or not Jack has done good deeds is neither here nor there. He was happy to flout the law and his success basically led City Hall to attempt to water down the noise ordinances for the past 15 years.

  3. I just cannot believe we are even talking about this. I cannot imagine any other city even considering this type of chicanery and harm to other people.

    Makes me want to move out of Fullerton.

  4. I have witnessed firsthand that the positive effect of the amplified music to these establishments is only to lure the intoxicated youth out onto the streets to vomit. Saving them from cleaning it off their dance club floors. Classy. Makes me what to frequent this part of Fullertown. “Welcome to PukeTown.”

  5. Looks like these events are every Suanday all summer….

    Bootlegger Bike Fund Raiser
    SOCO Guest Bartender Fund Raiser

    I guess to have a special event all you have to do is put the word “fund raiser” behind it.

    But who exactly are they raising funds for ? Roscoe’s Deli ? Because I don’t think they are making it as a deli and that is the real they are trying to sell more beeeeer ! Im not surprised the $12 man size portion sandwiches aren’t selling like hot cakes but that’s just me, I suppose.

    Honestly, I like Hereo’s and Roscoe’s is OK to. I just wish that Jack Franklyn cared enough about his community, like he says he does, to focus on his “deli” and find a way to make it work as a deli instead of cashing in on more beer sales. Hereo’s already has plenty of that ( 101 beers on tap I think) and it seems to work well over there. I’m sure Jack is smart enough and capable of this if he would just try a little harder. Jack please, our community is at stake here.

  6. Whatthe :
    Jack please, our community is at stake here.

    What the hell are you saying, it’s the city staff pushing Jack’s “summer concert series under the stars”, they should have the juevos to recommend denial to the Planning Commission, but, of course they won’t. Goes to show you what beer does to the brain.

  7. No guys, you don’t understand. There will be this little red light that goes on when it’s too loud. The band will see the red light, stop playing and turn down the volume. What could go wrong?

    Jack himself said that Roscoes is a “vital business in downtown” and its hard for me to disagree with such a self-serving statement without throwing up all over my beer-soaked sandwich.

  8. Do I sense a little jealousy because Jack has the city officials eating out of the palm of his hand, and drinking out of his kleg’s?

  9. If Jack has ONLY the events that are posted on the City’s website, I don’t have a problem if they stop by 9pm. Including Silvia’s engagement. If you can’t handle amplified music until 9pm then you need to move north of Chapman. Jack needs to remove word “fundraiser”. He Jack what does “Guest Bartender Fundraiser” mean. We need to make sure he explains that at the planning commission.Where do I get my “free” beer?

  10. No recommended hours of operation in the staff report? Amplified music till all hours of the night? Holy loudaroni Battman, I smell a problem here.

  11. Hogie, did you mean “keg” and Hogie there is no jealousy. We need to set boundaries in our downtown. Amplified music is not bad, but it has to be controlled and not played after 9pm. Jack needs to be controlled! This is the City we ALL live in, it is NOT Jack’s world. The city NEEDS to put set hours. 9pm at the latest Jack. We cannot let Jack take over! PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. Why all the hate for Jack Franklin? He runs to successful businesses in Fullerton and does quite a bit of charity work within the community.

    If you don’t agree with the outdoor music then show up tonight at the planning commission and voice your opinion. I will be there!

    If the music stops at 9:00 pm, what’s the big deal? The Fullerton Market has amplified music every Thursday night during the summer. And is surrounded by apartments. Music ends at 8:30 pm and I love it. So do many other people I know. I just wish it would go a little later, but I respect the people like myself that have to get up at 5:00 am.

    I also believe if this does happen, that the venues should be responsible for the costs of the acoustic testing and enforcement. Not the city or the taxpayers.

    Maybe we should make Fullerton a dry town, close the tattoo parlors, and have a age limit on entrance into Downtown, no one under 68? And bring back those great antique stores, never have too many of those.

    “Rock and roll music – the music of freedom frightens people and unleashes all manner of conservative defense mechanisms” Salman Rushdie

    “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!” Dee Snider

  13. Marylin, there is almost no discussion of hours of operation in the report. Even during the pilot program Roscoes played amplified music from 10:00 PM through 1:00 AM. Clearly the intention is for the music to be played early into the morning.

  14. The live music is just another part of what makes this town so unique and great.

    Fine, regulate the sound levels.
    Fine, make them play classic rock or whatever is acceptable to the city.
    Fine, let them only play Fri or Sat nights (maybe Sun afternoon until 8) and curfew the music for an 11PM or 12AM shut off time.
    Fine, force the Jack to spend a ton of money to shield the music and buy decibel meters.


    Come on, if we let this slip away it’s gone forever! This would just be the first step to having antique shops back on Harbor and there goes the downtown again until we get a progressive new young council.

  15. The success of Jack’s business and his charity work are completely irrelevant to this issue which has to do with code enforcement.

  16. What is irrelevant is the attacks on Jack, which have nothing to do with code enforcement.

    The success of all businesses in DTF is relevant. If we have an onerous code enforcement that makes it difficult for a business to be successful.

    This is an “experiment” to try to determine if it can work or not. 8 times. Not permanent.

  17. If Jack is using his character to justify special treatment, than attacks on him are indeed relevant.

  18. The overall success of DTF can be contributed to Jack and his business. The amplified music was fine until someone decided to illegally live in an alley. Oh and not to mention the conflict of interest with the former chairman of the planning community who at the time failed to disclose his partnership with El Matador; who also happens to be friends with the guy illegally living in the alley. People wanted a lively downtown, they got it. Arrests are up and problems are down. Amplified music brings customers, which brings tax revenue. The conductor that lays on his train horn every other night at 2:00 am is much more disruptive. Oh and the next time I see a band playing outside the train depot serving minors, I’ll be sure to raise hell.

  19. Jack’s character, or lack of same, really aren’t the issue here. What is relevant is an honest and fair application of the law. Period.

    Jack’s business is not the proper testing ground to see how far an acoustical envelop can be pushed. There are already plenty of acoustical data available to ascertain the impact of certain decibel levels to sensitive receptors. That data, applied objectively should be the basis of changing any “onerous” portions of the code.

  20. Well said Fullerton Native! We need to find common ground and not go back to the antique stores. I think the City did a great job with Florentine and If we push a time limit with Jack things could work out. Like I stated above, 9pm is OKAY! We need some classic rock-n-roll music in our downtown. Instead of attacking Jack with words why don’t you show up at the planning commission meeting tonight?

  21. How many outdoor dining patios are there in Fullerton? If Roscoes rock out, everyone else should jump on the wagon too.

  22. Marylin :Admin can you be a little more mature and get the picture of the “jackass” off your blog?

    Don’t you dare admin. That jackass is the official Barnyard Animal of the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency.

  23. Creeper :How many outdoor dining patios are there in Fullerton? If Roscoes rock out, everyone else should jump on the wagon too.

    Creeper, you have indeed hit upon a major problem, and really the worst part of Staff’s original negligence regarding their CEQA obligations. In fact Ill bet the establishment of the C3 Zone itself was deficient with regard to CEQA.

  24. Born and raised in Fullerton :
    Oh and the next time I see a band playing outside the train depot, I’ll be sure to raise hell.

    Born and raised in Fullerton, I hope you do exactly that. This problem is starting to proliferate again already ! ! !

    I wont be surprised at all if in the next few months there aren’t a few more outdoor loud offenders back at it again. Why should we expect anything else to happen if we don’t, as a community, address the entire issue and not just cherry pick who we think should be allowed to do certain things depending on if we are friends with them or not. I agree with you that Hereo’s is a great place and Jack is a good person and has done great things for our town. I go to Hereo’s often, but just because I like Jack doesn’t mean I agree with allowing noise pollution in Fullerton.

    —–That is wrong !——

    That’s not the way to handle this issue. It’s not about Roscoe’s of Mr. Franklin, or anybody other business for that matter…
    It’s about finding a balance in our downtown.
    It’s about the community and the thousands of people who are affected by the loud noise that was coming out of DTF.

    1. “Oh and the next time I see a band playing outside the train depot, I’ll be sure to raise hell”, you idiot, the train station is zoned PL, the same zoning as the downtown plaza. Whereas, live music outdoors is not against the law like it is in the C-3 zone. And, both stop playing music before 10:00pm.

      1. So if Roscoes stops playing at 9pm on Sunday’s you wouldn’t be opposed to them being able to play?

      2. yes but Roscoes and rail loading dock share the same audience… the working public. there should be a noise standard if there isnt already in the transportaion district

  25. Even if one concert is ok, what will be the cumulative effect of 15 “mitigated” outdoor music venues blasting all at once? Is there a way for us to find out before it’s too late? Or maybe Roscoe’s will get the only ticket to the show…

    The rest of the patio owners are licking thier chops at this one. Fullerton, get ready for the rock-n-roll free-for-all!

  26. It’s all fun and games for you eses, you can go home after you’ve guzzled all the cervezas. Just a warning greedy gabachos, you wake up my ass one more time with your white trash noise and I’ll have you jacked-up right in your own pretty little City paid for alley. Or would you rather go toe ta toe in one of my dark and dirty alley thanks to a worthless Code Enforcement Department that thinks hispanics “like it that way”.

  27. I understand you are all upset at the noise but as a resident living near DTF I find the live music entertaining. I would support more live music in the various segments of Downtown. The louder and livelier the Downtown environment gets, the more I want to be there. The over regulation of the area has really hampered the level of activity and enjoyment in DTF. A few neighbors have led the Downtown area to begin reverting to a quiet little suburb street. Next we will be just like DT Brea. We need to let these business owners do what they can to attract business in these times of economic turmoil. They need to provide a real entertaining experience for patrons. I think we should let them create a lively area for all from Orange County to enjoy.

    1. DTF Neighbor, for gosh sakes, you said “I” 6 times in 9 sentences. Are you connected to the city?

      1. Nope. Not part of the City. I I I am just a neighbor that wanted to weigh in on the conversation. I I I wrote the post really fast and I I I did not check to see home many “I”‘s I put in it.

  28. WHERE DID ALL THESE DEFENDERS OF JACK FRANKLyN COME FROM? I don’t know him, but this whole saga shows his disregard for the law, disrespect for his fellow business owners and a complete lack of concern for hundreds of nearby residents. Unless I missed his sincere appology, Jack Franklyn seems like a real a-hole.

    Just because someone gives you a beer on the house does not make him a nice guy.

  29. I think we all agree on one thing—more music is better…..


    -So the sound doesn’t negatively affect others.
    Totally reasonable right ?

    Most people like a little peace and quiet when they are trying to sleep…

    And by the way you can hear outdoor live music all the way north of Chapman- No Joke…

  30. Hey isn’t Roscoe’s expanding into the large next door space ?

    Why don’t they do the loud stuff inside there and maybe just acoustic stuff outside ?

    1. Light Bulb, question: how many free beers were divvied out while performing the “study” with the so called “acoustical engineer”?

    2. That would mean someone would have do use reason and logic, and those two qualities are non existent at Fullerton city hall.

  31. Let’s clarify this. The schedule shows hours of operation. The staff report should spell this out clearly as a condition of approval. Without the COA the schedule is meaningless.

  32. No one seems to complain about the music at the Thursday Fullerton Market.

    Should we ban that as well? Seems only fair that if the City can do it once a week.

    Lets stop the Fullerton Marketplace all together, the bell on the little train is far too loud. And the annoying sounds of the kids having fun on the little train must stop. I can hear people crunching popcorn from my house!

    Maybe a pantomime show instead of that awful music.

    Nice talk Got Drunk at Heros, calling Jack an a-hole. How many jobs have you created in Fullerton? Any business man trying to make a profit in this economy is a Hero to me.

    Instead of whining and calling names show up tonight at the meeting! Make your voice heard, experience the democratic process! I encourage more debate on this subject, I love it. But the name calling and accusations are not cool.

  33. Careful, Mr. Native. You make it sound like successful businessmen can do no wrong. A dangerous mindset, especially in this town.

  34. #42, if the City is violating its own Code it should stop. The law is the law. if you don’t like it change it; but don’t try to come up with little subterfuges to evade it.

    You’re either in compliance ot you’re not. Period. End of story.

  35. Mr. Got Drunk at heros, I never said a successful business man can do no wrong, not even implied. Not sure how you read that into a comment that you shouldn’t have called Jack an a-hole.

  36. Marylin :
    I think the City did a great job with Florentine and If we push a time limit with Jack things could work out.

    I think Marilyn might be onto something here… Florentine’s is a fine example of how the city can help out a local business owner. I’m sure something could be secretly worked out where a portion of the alley/street/sidewalk can be sold to Roscoe’s for a fraction of its actual worth without anybody finding out before it’s too late.

  37. Mr. P. I guess you are right, although Florentine didn’t buy anything. They were given a public sidewalk. Now they rent it. Permanently. Same thing as a sale, but with no money down!

  38. Bruce Whitaker was the only Planning Commissioner who voted down a special events permit for eight dates throughout the summer for live music at Roscoe’s (Commissioners Savage and Musante were not present–you can ask the others to explain their votes).

    Restaurants (let’s face it, bars really) downtown get whatever they want in Fullerton, whether it’s a public sidewalk for outdoor dining or outright expansion, infrastructural improvements and extra police on the taxpayer dime, or an end-run around a denied CUP for live outdoor music.

  39. Matt, please appeal this. I’ll put up the dough. The City Council needs to establish whether or not this is the way they want the City to do business.

    1) A special events permit for 8 events?

    2) Ignoring the existing code for the benfit of one guy?

    3) or, establishing a new policy that would require amending the existing code and create havoc as each patio bar tries to out do each other and no EIR to justify any of it.

    Looks like Dr. HeeHaw’s “old west” is alive and well. Just the way he likes it.

  40. On the video I saw some lady testify that the owner of Roscoes verbally attacked her in an outrage at a public event. It looked like she was about to cry. I stand by my a-hole comment.

  41. Who the hell does that Roscoe’s guy think he is threatening people who speak up at public hearings. Some thing needs to be done about that issue!

  42. From a practical standpoint, Jack won but he’s still stuck between a rock and a hard place. While he requested “concert sessions” on Sunday afternoon, what he really wants are Friday and Saturday nights to 1:00 AM. The commissioners were clearly concerened about the late night noise and Jack can’t play any earlier than 10:00 PM without terrorizing his neighbors’ dinner guests.

    It will be interesting to see how he weasels around this one.

    The real question is – would anyone but Jack Franklyn get this kind of special treatment from the staff and commissioners? I don’t understand how he gets to be the sole beneficiary of the “Pilot Program” just because he had the balls to break the law in the first place.

  43. Rock, you have raised several good points. Since there was no code enforcement in the first place one can only speculate as to how the “pilot program” gets stretched out of shape and if the City even bothers to enforce it.

    At least Bruce Whitaker stood up for fair and even-handed government. The rest of those bozos couldn’t find their backsides in the dark.

  44. Born and raised in Fullerton :
    The overall success of DTF can be contributed to Jack and his business. The amplified music was fine until someone decided to illegally live in an alley. Oh and not to mention the conflict of interest with the former chairman of the planning community who at the time failed to disclose his partnership with El Matador; who also happens to be friends with the guy illegally living in the alley. People wanted a lively downtown, they got it. Arrests are up and problems are down. Amplified music brings customers, which brings tax revenue. The conductor that lays on his train horn every other night at 2:00 am is much more disruptive. Oh and the next time I see a band playing outside the train depot serving minors, I’ll be sure to raise hell.

    Is this the guy who lived in the alley or the guy that owns El Matador?

  45. Were the surrounding business owners and/or residents of properties within proximity of Roscoe’s notified and allowed input? No. (Sec 15.58.060)

    Is an on going ‘special event’ spanning 3 months the intent of this section? Obviously not. (Sec 15.58.020)

    Was the application filed 90 days prior to June 14th? I didn’t see a copy of the application, but I have a good guess. Probably not. (Sec 15.58.040)

    Good thing the permit has Roscoe’s indemnifying the City against legal recourse. I don’t want my tax dollars defending the lawsuits to follow.

    Fullerton Municipal Code:

    15.58.010. Intent and purpose.

    The intent of this chapter is to identify special events and to specify the requirements and provisions for their approval regardless of the proposed location or zone classification. The requirements and provisions established for each special event are intended to ensure the general safety, health, and welfare of the community and to ensure that the temporary operation of the special event will be a compatible activity for the neighborhood in which it is located. (Ord. 2982, 2001)

    15.58.020. Definitions.

    A “special event” is an event that will be conducted outdoors to which the general public is admitted or invited. Such an event includes a carnival, festival, tent or car show, circus, parade, auction, rally, or a similar kind of temporary outdoor exhibition or performance. A temporary commercial activity, such as a “sidewalk” or parking lot sale, which is intended to promote the sale of merchandise from on-site businesses, shall not be considered a “special event.” (Ord. 2982, 2001)

    15.58.040. Application for permit and fees.

    A. An application for a special event permit must be on file with the Director of Development Services at least 90 days before the scheduled special event. The City Council may, by resolution, set appropriate fees for the filing of the application.

    15.58.060. Procedure for review of application.

    B. A permit for a special event proposed on all other types of private property shall not be issued without a review and approval of the application by the Planning Commission. Prior to the Planning Commission reviewing the application, the Director of Development Services shall do the following:

    1. Consult with other departments of the city on the request.

    2. Notify business owners and/or residents of properties within proximity of the proposed venue, stating the nature of the request, the date, time and location where the Planning Commission will review the request, and the opportunity for the public to comment on the request during that review.

    3. State all reasonable concerns and issues identified by city staff and the general public when the Planning Commission reviews the request. (Ord. 2982, 2001)

    15.58.080. Suspension of permit.

    A. The Director of Development Services and/or the Chief of Police shall have the power to suspend, and shall suspend, any special event permit if the applicant has done any of the following:

    1. Violated any provision or requirement of approval imposed upon the permit.

    2. Violated any provisions of the law.

    3. With the actual conduct of the activity, threatened the preservation of the public peace, safety or general welfare, or unreasonably interfered with the use and enjoyment of other property in the immediate vicinity of the activity.

    B. The Director of Development Services and/or the Chief of Police shall give the applicant written notice of the suspension, and immediately upon the giving of the notice of the order of suspension all activities under the permit shall forthwith cease. The decision of the Director of Development Services and/or the Chief of Police with reference to a suspension shall be final and conclusive. (Ord. 2982, 2001)

  46. REMEMBER THE MELODY iNN AND My SHRINK? Total dive bars that served DTF, until persons of vision revamped DTF into a thriving place of entertainment that does serve the community since the community includes CSU fullerton one of the largest universities in california and fullerton community college, (sorry I cant include fourth tier level western state college of law because it is an embarrassment) and school of optometry. DTF is proof fullerton does not want to return to its farm town roots where the biggest store on harbor blvd was the fabric and sewing store. and the social life wae relegated to the local women’s club or churches.

  47. van, whatever your vision of Fullerton might be, it is pretty subjective although we could debate the merits of converting DTF into a open air booze court – but to no purpose. The issue here is how and why this use is above the law. How they scofflawed to begin with and just keep getting what can only be descibed as preferrential treatment.

    An important corollary is the collective upshot of adopting a policy of outdoor amplified music for all – what CEQA refers to as a cumulative effect. Sooner or later somebody is going to have to do an acoustical study (a real one) based on what would happen if everybody with a patio in DTF had bands going at the same time. The City may jus try to dodge this by sliding through CUPs but sooner or later there’s going to be hell to pay.

  48. In all due respect, these noise complaints are coming from people who leave near railroad tracks and a train station…aghh, but that must be music to their ears?? I live on Amerige and finds other things more disturbing…get over it people…Jack does a lot of good things for the community and the city will cater to him as long as he does so…

  49. DTF1999, I used to live 1/4 mile from the tracks and 3/4 mile from Roscoe’s. The music was louder than the train.

    You probably have gardeners with leaf blowers on occasion in your neighborhood. Do you think that justifies nightly outdoor music too?

  50. Really…Are you kidding me. Lets talk about Downtown Fullerton. I was born and raised in this city. My family owned a car dealership here from 1955 to the mid 1990’s. I was born in this town, raised in this town, educated in this town,Im a homeowner in this town and served the citizens of this town for many years. I remember downtown fullerton when they couldnt give retail space away. This downtown has thrived and flourished over the past 15-18 years. Its because of young, motivated individuals like Jack Franklyn, Cameron Irons, Sean Francis, Florentines,Dan Loriano, and others who were pioneers in shaping the downtown. I know there are a lot of artsy liberals out there who hate to see people succeed in a small business, capatilist economy but guess what, it has made our downtown viable and brought people, tax dollars and other businesses to our communtiy. The Idea that a handfull of residents or ( pissed off competition) aka …you know who you are…and…p.s. it was better when there were pianos..can effect an individuals livelyhood. Now, lets talk about Jack for a second. The guy that pumps more money from a proprietary restaurant into the communtiy. The guy that donated all the kitchen equipment to the new field/park on Bastanchury. The guy that promotes the pub crawl…which by the way contributes thousands of dollars each year to FULLERTON CHARITIES. Heroes has been a staple in this city since the 1990’s. This community/downtown has thrived due to innovative, driven individuals like Jack. Our downtown is recognized and loved by people that extend beyond our city borders. I am a supporter of Heroes, Roscoes and Jack Franklyn. Thanks for helping to revitalize a great city. Your work and the work of the early DTF Pioneers does not go unrecognized. Thank you

  51. I love the picture of the band. That isnt even taken at Roscoes…Wow what a piece of crap Propaganda.

  52. Yeah, right on #70! And I’ll bet the picture of the guy with his fingers in his ears isn’t even from Fullerton! (However, the jury’s still out on the picture of the city staff…)

  53. Fullerton Cop,

    I agree about Jack. He has been a great fundraiser and community member. That is not the issue here. Neither is the growth we have seen in DTF. We all want that. What we DON’T want is loud music, played outside, that keeps people awake.

    If you were/are a REAL cop in Fullerton, which you obviously are not, you would agree with this as your job is to maintain order and enforce the laws (415PC comes to mind). Also, you would not make the inference that the continuation of Rockin Taco would be better for the City since you would know that Taco was the cause of many LE issue in DTF.

    If you were a real cop, you would know that it is not the responsibility of the citizens to bear the burden of a businesses impact to keep that business’ cash flow positive.

    Oh, on second thought, I take that back. If you were a real cop, you wouldn’t know the 1st thing about business. So I digress, how long have you been on FPD?

    1. Jack B. Nimble, “What we DON’T want is loud music, played outside, that keeps people awake.” You forgot about the rights of the neighboring business’ to have peace and quite enjoyment of their property. Last year, I had a party of 8 at Table 10, it was a nice day so we choose to eat on the outside patio. However, the band (Famous Deli) began to play while our dinner was served. I could not hear any conversation that was trying to take place on our table, we had to shout loud for us to hear each other. It was a bad experience, and all those in my party agreed that would be the last time we would dine at Table 10.

  54. Jack has done good things for Fullerton but he is really blowing his good reputation on this issue.

    Definitely not doing whats good for others…. Only his self interest in mind on this one….

    Wish he would just move the loud stuff indoors like everybody else did and have soft stuff out on the patio….. Why doesn’t he do that ???

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