Plop. Norby Campaign Soils Itself

The Mother's Milk of Politics
The Mother's Milk of Politics

The OC Register did a story today about Chris Norby’s attempt to solicit campaign contributions from County employees at their work e-mail addresses here . Apparently this is a big no-no, although lawyers aren’t sure if the law has been broken.

Hand it over, sucker...
Hand it over, sucker...

We reported the other day about the seeming fundraising focus of Norby’s website, and it could have been this mania that caused the e-mail boner here .

According to the Reg story, Norby campaign consultant Matt Holder admitted error and says any monies collected would be returned. Great. Meantime Chris racks up some more bad publicity due to Lewis Group LLC.

Geez, now we really hope Chris isn’t paying these chuckleheads too much.

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  1. I thought the Register would give the Orange Juice blog some credit for breaking this story. Alas, they did not, but I was happy that they at least reported the story.

    It has to be very intimidating for county workers to receive these requests for money. I had calls from several county workers who said they felt that they were being coerced into giving Norby money, at risk of being laid off…

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