Pam Keller for Congress in 2012?

The sky's the limit!

It’s a politician’s nature to be ambitious, and Fullerton City council person Pam Keller is a politician. Maybe even a pretty good one. She’s part of a fairly wide local network of activists and do-gooders and has, seemingly already put some of them to political use.

So what higher office might beckon? The idea of cracking into the exclusive club of congresscritters, a la Loretta Sanchez, has probably crossed her mind. Ed Royce is getting up there and the GOP is shrinking. Is that feasible? Dunno. Ed probably thinks so, but he’s afraid of his own shadow.

Six more weeks of winter?

State Assembly? State Senate? Paradoxically these may be even more difficult for Keller to crack than the Congress nut – simply because she would no doubt find herself running against other Democrats in primaries, including, perhaps even Sharon Quirk-Silva, who toyed for a bit with a run to replace Mike Duvall.

Well, we speculate for the fun of it. Keller’s first challenge is to get herself re-elected in 2010. And a big part of that challenge will be fighting off the inevitable OC GOP attack orchestrated by Royce that may likely target her unique, um, talent at mixing government, philanthropy and personal ambition.

Stay tuned!

9 Replies to “Pam Keller for Congress in 2012?”

  1. Unfortunately Keller isn’t very bright. But come to think of it, neither is Loretta Sanchez.

    Still lack of brains is hardly ever an impediment to poltical ambition. Just ask Mike Duvall!

  2. You have got to be kidding me, Pam Keller wont even get reelected next year with a giant like Marty Burbank in the race, so why would you post about Spam challenging Ed Royce?

  3. voting no on incumbents does not translate to vote for incompetents. keller’s political ambitions should end with her term on fullerton’s city council.

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