Our Thanks to Nelson & Quirk-Silva


The other day we posted about the shameful payoff deal Fullerton’s Redevelopment lawyer Jeff Oderman cooked up with the County in order to get the latter to call off the legal dogs in regard to the City’s proposed Redevelopment expansion plan here . You may recall that the triumvirate of Usual Suspects – Bankhead, Jones, and Keller went for bribe/hush money scheme even though it required an up front payout of $4,000,000 from the City’s General Fund and involved bogus lease back deals in the out years.

Well, we want to thank council members Shawn Nelson and Sharon Quirk-Silva for sticking to their guns in the face of all sorts of institutional and statist pressure to go along with the scam that required the Council to make findings of blight where none exists. This fragile lie was the foundation of the whole rotten expansion superstructure.

It’s good to know we have two representatives who appreciate a concept much-abused by governments in their mania to raise revenue to pay themselves more and more: the truth.

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  1. 2 out of five ain’t bad. But it ain’t good enough. Keller and Blankhead are up for re-election. And that’s good. But Nelson may be moving on to the Supes – which is good for the County but would leave F-town worse off than ever!

  2. FFFF better come up with some names – and fast! Otherwise we can expect another feather-headed liberal female and another dopey Chamber of Commerce fatheaded male. Or worse yet, a retired cop like Bankhead.

  3. No matter if one is conservative or liberal, an honest law abiding and Rule of Law respecting political officeholder will gain and hold broad appeal among the voting public.

    Of the Fullerton political figures who have stood frimly in support of our fundamental Rule of Law (those being Norby, Nelson and Quirk), I’ve viewed always viewed Norby as a moderate or liberal sort of Republican, and Nelson as a traditional conservative, and Quirk as a moderate or liberal sort of Democrat.

    Each of these individuals recognized a principle, our Rule of Law, at stake in this matter of Redevelopment Area expansion in Fullerton.

    The question is whether we as a community abide by the terms and constraints of legislation which was brought into being (i.e. Redevelopment laws) to address specific unusual and severe problems, conditions which are defined as “blight” or if we just “trick” the system and thus make a mockery of our system of laws.

    The “tricky” politicians, e.g. Bankhead, Keller and Jones, undermine the citizens’ confidence in even local level government, which is a problem far worse than even an actual condition of economic blight (if such did exist).

    Citizens who are confident that governmental rules are honestly crafted and applied make the community strong economically and safe physically, through all of their daily actions.

    Tricky-false political officeholders undermine the natural confidence of good citizens.

    Thank you very much, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Norby and Mrs. Quirk, for your honest public service.

    1. Well said, Rain. Lawmakers who disregard the law deserve nothing but disrespect and a swift kick out of office. Welcome to FFFF!

  4. “tricky-false officeholders”

    A perfect definition for Bankhead, Jones and Keller. And so painfully ironic since the three of them are so f-ing stupid! Only in Fullerton!

  5. if nelson leaves fullerton’s city council for loftier places, then quirk will merely suck up to whomever she believes is a power broker on the city council. Our county’s government is honeycombed with useless bureaucraqtic broom closets and nelson is needed to sweep this trash off the tax payer’s back.

  6. I don’t know Mrs. Quirk very well (for that matter, I really don’t “know” Nelson or Norby, other than to have observed thier public service activities a bit longer), but it is my impression that Mrs. Quirk is principled and also energetic and honest enough to investigate issues and legitimately arrive at her own reasonable opinions.

    I prefer to be optimistic about future unknown events until I have evidence to the contrary.

    1. True margoo! Ms. Quirk-Silva has learned a lot this year. And this blog has had a big role in that. I applaud her for her ability to do the right thing when the staff and/or the establishment is putting on the full court press to do something that is either self-interested, irrational or simply false.

      I used to have little respect for her. I actually believe now that she is interested in the good of Fullerton; not just the employees, the developers and the lobbyists. I may still be wrong, but time will tell.

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