OC Weekly Author Gustavo Arellano to Speak at Fullerton Library



Author Gustavo Arellano, will be speaking at Fullerton’s Main Public Library on Monday, May 4,  at 7:00 p.m. Gustavo is the author of “Ask a Mexican” and “Orange County: A Personal History“.

FJC’s 2009-2010 curriculum will include Gustavo’s Personal History book for its One School, One Book program. Participating Hornet students and faculty will read and discuss the meaning of the book. 

The Fullerton Main Library is located at 353 W. Commonwealth Ave. For more information, call the library at 714-738-6334.

6 Replies to “OC Weekly Author Gustavo Arellano to Speak at Fullerton Library”

  1. Hey Gustavo, be sure to stop by and see our beautiful Hispanic murals while you are in Fullerton 😉

  2. The last time I drove by the murals an Anaheim gang tagged the Tokers Town mural, I hope the graffiti crew covered it up, something like that could start a gang war, far from “beautiful” Just a Guy.

  3. My daugther loves your book “Ask a Mexican” and attended your book signing/Speaking in Fullerton Library. She was so excited about the book and attending. You are a true inspiration.

    Thank you.

  4. Mr. Arellano is it possible to contact you to be a guest speaker for the the Orange County Roosters. Our website is http://www.roosters.org

    The month of December our food drive raised enough money to feed over 4,200 families in Orange County. We also aise funds for small charities that help children in the Orange County area.

    Stan Smith
    O.C. Roosters

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