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OC Register Front Page - Saturday September 19, 2009

Occasionally we hear of local politicos who attempt to downplay the effectiveness of our efforts here at FFFF, claiming “nobody reads the blog” (while feverishly checking it themselves). Despite our hurt feelings, we have continued our daily blogging efforts to bring long-missing accountability and reason to this city.

Last week alone this blog had 8,228 hits. To put that in perspective, Pam Keller spent a year campaigning in 2006 to come up with 10,494 votes, beating out candidate Leland Wilson by a mere 628 votes.

Further evidence of our influence can been seen in our ability to garner coverage from conventional media outlets. Exhibit A is on the front page of Saturday’s OC Register – our continued efforts to expose the dangers of Fullerton’s school laptop program will also be recognized by the LA Times later this week.

Nobody reads the blog?

8,228 hits in a week. That’s a whole lot of nobody.

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  1. LOL! I used to hear that a lot to about my blog.

    The truth is, a lot of folks read both our blogs. And your blog in particular is going to have an impact on the Norby vs. Hackerman race.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Bill, you’re too late. McKinley is no longer the police chief in Fullerton. You could have hired him as an “consultant” to design your product. Then he would make sure that Fullerton bought plenty of those things.

  2. I find the apprehender rather ingenious. If I had my choise Id rather be apprehended by The Apprehender than tasered by 1000 volts of electricity.

  3. A couple years ago, I was at the Playboy Jazz festival in Long Beach and I was minding my own business and I got into an argument with one of the security officers, the next thing I knew, I was being tasered. I’m still in a law suit over the incident. Anyways the point here is that tasers are bad, dangerous and trigger happy friendly.

  4. Nice job getting the lap top story out. Blogging at its best.

    But don’t brag about FFFF’s influence. People, and blogs, that have influence don’t need to try and convince others that they have it.

  5. Nice job :
    But don’t brag about FFFF’s influence. People, and blogs, that have influence don’t need to try and convince others that they have it.

    True, but we’re pretty new at this. So please forgive occassional crowing.

  6. What I find most relevant about that statistic is the fact that last week was not a particularly newsworthy week. When the election season hits this thing will blow up with hits.

    I would like to see you guys go to a community news format that includes the blog but also news stories, local (and I mean real local) youth and high school sports coverage, cultural info (such as what is going down at the Maverick) etc.

    Congrats and keep up the good work. My neighbor Buck Catlin would like more Dick Jones videos.

  7. “My neighbor Buck Catlin would like more Dick Jones videos.”

    People can’t get enough of Dr. HeeHaw. That must be why they keep re-electing him.

  8. Funny that you got the story “out” to the OC Register, however, you cried that they missed the point in their article, but still take credit. Furthermore, the poll on their website clearly indicated the readers of the article didn’t agree with your assessment of the FSD being labeled as Judas. Self flattery feels pretty good though.

    1. The point is that the story is out now, and they can’t hide these incidents anymore. The school district lied to the reporter slanting the article slightly, but that will soon be uncovered.

      Of course, parents at these schools are reacting much differently than that online poll will suggest. Perhaps you would feel differently if the district had lied to you, too.

    2. Will, don’t make yourself look foolish. That poll was the typical lame-ass Register garbage filled with typical Register-reading, sanctimonious, self-righteous (and flattering, no doubt) people blaming bad parenting – OR EVEN WORSE, AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD.

      You say self flattery feels pretty good. We’ll take your word for it.

    3. Will Williamson. AKA Joe John Johnson, Fullertonian, Fullerton Res, Blue Devil, etc. etc. If you insist on trollery why not stick to one name? We won’t treat you with any less respect if you do.

  9. FFFF you need to expand your good works. for decades fullerton has been saddled with the fullerton observer. when ralph kennedy was editor it constantly smelled of paranoid conspiracy theories that obliquely implied ralphie boy was victim of others who could not stand to hear his truth, the usual messianic delusions. now his ignorant daughter is editor and it has devolved from an amusing read to banalities about senior citizen centers and elementary school news. my point is FFFF needs to promote itself to the community. where is the harm in advertising?

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