Mrs. Ackerman Goes Negative @ GOP Central Committee

Oh yeah. It's gonna get ugly. Real ugly.
Oh yeah. It's gonna get ugly. Real ugly.

Our Friend Allan Bartlett who happens to be an OC GOP Central Committee member reports that an anonymous flier was passed out at last night’s meeting attacking Chris Norby – for the bogus sexual harassment suit (filed by a County employee fired for misfeasance), and for allegedly saying bad things about Mexicans.

Bartlett says Mrs. Dick Ackerman (who is going to run against Norby for the 72nd Assy seat) denied any knowledge of the flier, but he’s not buying that, and neither are we. She already let the cat out of the bag that others will be doing her dirty work for her- most likely her old man who has a natural flair for it. So be it.

As we have said the harassment thing was conjured up out of malice. As far as discriminatory comments about Mexicans is concerned, two thoughts come to mind: first, Norby may have his faults, but he is one of the least prejudiced people on the planet Earth; second that such a charge would be brought up at the forum of the OC GOP Central Committee meeting is just hilarious. How could anybody think that was going to hurt Norby at that venue!

When word of that flier gets out it might actually help Norby win the Raymond Hills GOP Bluehair vote!

Some of my best friends are Mexicans. Like my gardener and my house cleaner.
Some of my best friends are Mexicans. Like my gardener and my house cleaner.

5 Replies to “Mrs. Ackerman Goes Negative @ GOP Central Committee”

  1. This is going to get interesting but I would like to focus us all on the less exciting facts. None of us, whether liberal, conservative etc., should ever support someone who can not show clearly that she/he lives in the district she/he is running for. The idea that they “will” be moving does not cut it nor does any gimmic that leaves the candidate still in posession of their actual home but they change addresses to some bogus apartment or condo inside the lines.

  2. Hollis, we will find out where the alleged residency is. Once she loses we will check back to see if she’s still living there.

    The carpetbag issue is big to a lot of us. The Ackermans bailed out on Fullerton almost ten years ago – as soon as they got the chance, in fact. Those “ties” to Fullerton were cut – by them – a long time ago. Some of us resent being taken for granted – treated like peons on the Ackerman plantation.

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