Fullerton Food Fun For Friends

Hungry yet?
Hungry yet?

The Fullerton city fathers (and mothers) have dedicated themselves to the cause of converting historic downtown Fullerton into an open air food and booze court. The place is now chock full of food and drink purveyors – almost to the exclusion of any practical uses associated with a real downtown. Well that’s their vision for “preservation” and the rubes seem to be going for it: the nincompoopers keep getting re-elected. But I digress badly.

We would like to do reviews of Fullerton eateries, but, alas, we cannot afford a Food and Wine critic as was originally contemplated in our business plan. And, yet since DTF has become the sort of place aptly symbolized by the horror of Meatloaf Monday, it is clear that a free and open culinary exchange is needed now more than ever. To that end we are asking Friends to contribute their own reviews of various fooderies. If they are decently written and share a certain piquant je ne sais quoi, we will publish them for the edification of the Friends, comestibles-wise. Of course we will have no truck with the sort of blatant stoogery one would find in a Fullerton News Tribune restaurant review.

20 Replies to “Fullerton Food Fun For Friends”

  1. I hope each review comes with some sort of quantification of the eateries’ Redevelopment subsidies. If my taxes are paying for a restaurant, the food better be good!

  2. If yer gonna be a food critic, one of the first thing you have to do is check out the trash. Look for tubs, empty boxes of frozen, pre made food. Sorry to say, but a lot of these “restaurants” are doing heat and serve dishes. You’re paying lots of money for what is essentially a microwave meal.

    I doubt you will get far critiquing the restaurants on Harbor –save for The Cellar which is one place that does everything fresh. The others? They’re not going to change their modus operandi any time soon, even if Gordon Ramsay came bellowing at their door.

    We have found more good food in the little ethnic eateries in Anaheim, as well as a few in Fullerton.

  3. before fullerton’s booze courts, downtown fullerton sported dive bars like my shrink and the melody inn and hole in the wall diners with six legged customers (cockroaches). I’ll take the booze courts over what used to be our downtown.

    1. Ah! Then you owe the City Council past and present a debt of gratitude! I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

  4. No doubt, #1. Florentine’s, for starters, should sport us all a beer after that sidewalk encroachment give away.


      1. Sign reads: “Will post for a meal @ Rialto” heh. 🙂
        (Their fresh-squeezed organic oj & fair-trade coffee are half of a great meal anyway.)

  5. If the six legged customers are still around downtown fullerton’s dineries, then these restaurants should offer two-for-one coupons

  6. “Come on in and meet our Palapa Girls…….the friendliest service in town! Happy Hour every day from 4-7pm and bring a friend!”

  7. “Palapa Grill boasts of a “kickback” atmosphere”

    Hope they’re not referring to certain members of the City Council.

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