Mike Carona’s Not Cheap Lawyers Threaten FFFF!

Your honor, I'd like to abridge the First Amendment!
Your honor, I'd like to abridge the First Amendment! By the way, are you going to finish the rest of that soda?

Last night we received an e-mailed letter from Jones Day, the same lawyers that miraculously worked on convicted criminal ex-Sheriff Mike Carona’s defense for free.

The letter demands that we remove the post we published about KCAL’s Dave Lopez pursuing a story concerning a former Mike Duvall associate at Linda Ackerman’s October 20th fundraiser at the Summit Inn.

Our post was about an event that occurred within Fullerton, our city. It’s on film. Thousands of people have seen it on television. It indisputably happened. It was of particular interest to us since Mr. Lopez also interviewed us at our protest at the site of the fundraiser; this fact was clearly related in the very first sentence of the post.

The post made it very clear that the behavior ascribed to the individual in question was merely alleged. We did not claim that it was true, since we did not know. Therefore Jones Day’s second demand – that we publish a retraction averring the falsity of the allegations – is a logical absurdity since we have no way of knowing that the allegations are false, either. We presume credible allegations were actually made since this story was aired by a reputable news operation.

But we will say this: the subject in question and her lawyers categorically deny the allegations reported by KCALs Dave Lopez.

This appears to be nothing more than a little intimidation orchestrated by Ackerman, Inc. itself, to keep people in Fullerton from knowing things that happen in Fullerton – much like the rest of  phony “Ackerman for Assembly” campaign. Is it merely a coincidence that the guy whose name on the Jones Day correspondence is an Irvine lawyer who just happens to have been at The Hastings School of the Law at the same time as Ackerman? Hmm.

We have caused nobody “serious and irreparable harm;” we have defamed nobody. If KCAL determines that this story has no basis and no merit then we will be happy to relate that, at the appropriate time.

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17 Replies to “Mike Carona’s Not Cheap Lawyers Threaten FFFF!”

  1. At least they spelled your name right.

    Who’s paying these guys.
    I gotta believe that they bill at $800. per hour under current market pricing (being the 10th biggest firm and all).

    The letters I’ve seen, to you, OJ and presumably KCBS and OCWEEKLY are typically billed seperately and would take about two hours each in leagal research. PLUS the consultation.

    Thats about ten grand by my math.

    Looks like Linda needs another Fundraiser!

    1. Henry you are right. Ackerman/woman is fighting this one. Sad and stupid. All it did was get us 500 more hits today.

  2. FFFF, tell this little hole in the wall law office that probably sits at the end of john wayne’s airport runways with the stock character name found in a dumb romance novel, jones day, to go pound sand. As Jerry Maguire said in the movie “show me the money” FFFF should demand Jones Day to ” show me the serious and irreparable harm”.

  3. It’s one of the downfalls of social media, this ability to gather information and pass it on.
    Just ask Britney Spears.

    From what I can tell, FFFF did nothing more than make some snarky comments about something that another reporter was trying to gather information on.

    The FFFF did not assert that Mouzoon –who quite frankly was forgettable until she had her dogs shoot off a letter, was involved in anything other than political fundraising.

    Has her reputation been damaged? I think not.
    Embarrassed? Most definitely.
    Does this warrant a lawsuit?
    Only if she wants to continue spending $400/ an hour to pursue something that’s baseless AND also raise her name notoriety rather than getting back to business.
    Political memories are short. She swims in a tank with sharks, and in fact is one herself. If she gets bit from time to time, it might well be painful, but that is the nature of the species.

  4. so far Ive been fortunate not to have any legal entanglements, in this venue, ignorance is bliss

  5. If somebody wants to pay them, and I MEAN pay them, Jones Day could bury just about every blog who covered this.

    The trouble is where is Hackerman and company going to come up with the $250K to do that, and why would they.

    A threatening letter seems to have called off the attack dogs for now. But, not before bringing more attention to the whole sorid Sacramento culture epitomized by Dick and Linda Hackerman.

    I can promise you, If ADMIN and friends could scrape up the Quarter Mil. It would be the same fight in the other direction.

  6. #11, they aren’t going to bury anybody. And who knows, by Monday morning there might even be a little push back.

  7. I think it is time to set up a legal defense fund for Tony. There are different rules for slander, and libel for private persons as opposed to public figures, like the Hackermans. This is not good….

  8. The second page of the letter is addressed to “Art Bushala”. Who is that?

    For $1,000 an hour, you think you’d get some proofing on the copy/paste job.

  9. Working Backward:

    #16: Smart eye. Further prtoof that these assholes are either ripping off the clients or trying to lie to us (both of which are true!).

    #15: Yeah I thought so. I had some dealings with them a few years back, and my colluegue told me they nailed him $112. for parking. It cost us Three bucks!

    #13: YIKES is wrong. there is little or no libel here. And unless “DEZ” wants to further her reputation, which her friends would NEVER allow, this whole thing is done. I bet she moves to Phoenix soon!

    #12: Harp: I said could. My point was, these guys are paper tigers, and if this was a “onetime favor” (that shit does’nt last too long in the world of twenty branch law firms) we can bet not one of the players here have the resources or the committmnent to defend a low level “party fund raiser” from CSUF. who dates a guy from Cherry Hill.

    This will quickly become yesterdays news!

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