Just A Quick Question to The Fringe

Has anyone other than me wondered why neither of the two main partisan blogs in OC – the Liberal OC and Red County have even mentioned the OC Fair scandal a-brewin’?

Red seems intent to chatter about all sorts of Fair topics – but not the crooked Foundation itself. Blue doesn’t seem to have posted a comment about the Fair at all.

Are these two paragons of “reasoned debate” both so involved in reasoned debate that they have missed one of the biggest stories of the year?

Just asking.

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    1. Maybe? Of course they are, they get paid from their respective party hacks to shill for “certain” people. It’s a pay to play game. Exactly why our state and county for that matter are going down the tubes. I feel sorry for the future generations 🙁

  1. I have a whole new respect for your blog. It is hands down the best in OC. The functionality is top notch and no censorship like the others.

    The journalism on Hunters shady friends was a great find and needed to be exposed. How about changing the name to friends of OC? 🙂


  2. Dear JF Dog:

    How the hell would I know since I dont read those other blogs?

    Those two blogs are fronts for people selling (or trying to sell) influence in the respective parties. I gave up reading Red County and I dont intend to start back up so for the time being I’ll have to take your word for it.

    1. I’ve searched the Liberal OC and I can’t find a single mention of the fair scandal. One post about the sale itself, but nothing about the scandal.

      However if you are looking for Obama’s press releases, the Liberal OC is the cat’s pajamas.

      1. That Dan C. guy seems to do a lot of fawning over the crook Agran. I wonder if he gets something from the Agran Direct Mail/Great Pork scams.

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