It’s Now Official!

Fruity Lexia in a box has been named the Official Wine of Friends for Fullerton’s Future.

The more you drink the better it tastes!
The more you drink the better it tastes!

Fullerton Friends spokesmodels Heidi and Karin enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage between blogging sessions on FFFF.

14 Replies to “It’s Now Official!”

  1. What’s with all the f-ing ???? Don’t you Bloggers know when to use a question mark for gosh sakes.

  2. By the way, Heidi and Karin are good girls. They are doing the FFFF gig to help raise the money to get back to Australia in time for the summer ski season.

  3. Hi guys! We’re over here partying at divinek’s most bodaciously divine pad hookin’ up the rad pad with a boxful of tasty fruity lexia!

    Come on over and mix it up with some real party animals!

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