Dick Ackerman’s Fatal Endorsement Record


If county bureaucrat Hieu Nguyen thinks Dick Ackerman can help his Clerk-Recorder campaign, he’d better think again. There is one word for Ackerman-backed city and county candidates: LOSERS.

Is it just bad luck? Or does Dick choose weak candidates he can control after they’re elected? The problem for him is that they don’t get elected!

Look at the record of Dick’s choices, dating back over a quarter-century:

  • 1982: Ackerman backs insurance agent Jim Williams for Fullerton City Council. Williams loses to Molly McClanahan.
  • 1984: Dick endorses realtor Merrill Braucht for the open council seat. Braucht loses to Chris Norby.
  • 1988: Dick supports Dan Baker for an open council seat. Baker loses to Don Bankhead.
  • 1992: Ackerman goes 0-for-2 in ’92. His hand-picked candidates Jim Blake and Jack Beddell place 5th and 6th.
  • 1994: Ackerman vocally opposes the recall of Buck Catlin, Bankhead and McClanahan. That trio had rubber-stamped an unpopular new utility tax foisted by City Manager Jim Armstrong. The recall easily passes, all three leave office and the tax is repealed.
  • 1996: Dick endorses fellow legislator Mickey Conroy for Third District Supervisor. Conroy loses his cool—and the election–when he flips his opponent the bird during a debate. Brea School Board Member Todd Spitzer wins handily.
  • 2002: Like 1992, Dick goes 0-2 in 2002. He actively supports Supervisor Cynthia Coad’s re-election and is featured prominently in her mailers. Coad loses to Norby. Later that year he backs accountant Chuck Munson for Fullerton City Council. Munson is buried by Shawn Nelson.

To be fair, there is one current Council Member who was elected and thrice re-elected with Dick Ackerman’s support: Dick Jones.

12 Replies to “Dick Ackerman’s Fatal Endorsement Record”

  1. Hey don’t forget another Ackerman success: Peter Godfrey, the two-year zippo who almost weaseled on the utility tax. That guy was just a seat warmer for Jones.

  2. Thanks, Dick for sticking us with Dick. He pretty well sums up your idea of conservatism.

  3. Thanks to FFF for the local political history refresher course!

    Whatever grudges came out of this, Merrill Braucht himself never held it against me for winning in 1984. Later, he told me that he felt lucky he lost.. “You can have the city council, Norby, I don’t need it!”

  4. Ackerman’s record speaks volumes. I did a little research, and he endorsed Mike Clesceri and Leland Wilson. Those two stooges along with Godfry, my God, there must be something in Fullerton’s water.

  5. Mr.Ackerman is a great man and Norby you are a loser. Norby you are such an embarassment to the citizens of Orange County. I will tell all my family and friends not to vote for you.

    Mr.Ackerman is respected by the citizens of Fullerton and you are not. I cant wait until we get a new 4th District Supervisor.

    1. A great man? Didn’t you mean petty, vindictive and self-serving?

      We’re working on another post on The Flack lined up. Stick around.

  6. Dick Ackerman foisted Dick Jones on us for 13 dismal years. I hope there’s a circle in Hell deep enough…

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