Is The Deluge of Ackerwoman Slime Over?

Well, the ol' bucket is finally empty
Is the ol' bucket finally empty?

Friends, have you noticed the sudden subsidence of big glossy mailers sent out by Ackerman, Inc. and Alliance for California’s Tomorrow (ACT) attacking Chris Norby? You know, the ones that take uncorroborated testimony from a disgruntled ex-County employee fired for misfeasance and turned into third person language to make it look like somebody was a witness to her bogus claims?

We were getting pieces almost everyday (sometimes two) ladled out of the Ackerwoman slop-bucket, but that has stopped. Even Ackerwoman’s obsequious press agent Martin Wisckol has noticed it – and actually tried to figure out why. The ACT has run out of money. The last dough they spent went to a poll – and no more money has come in since.

Possible poll results that look bad for Ackerwoman, plus the fact that the majority of permanent absentee voters who are voting have already mailed in their ballots may well mean that the investment value in Ackerwoman’s candidacy has been reassessed.

So, have Ed Roski, the Indian casinos, and the other anti-Norby interests finally given up on the Ackerwoman campaign? Wisckol asked Jim Nygren, the parasite who runs ACT. Nygren said he was told to keep quiet. Apparently Roski doesn’t care for idle chatter.

Draw whatever conclusions you choose.

6 Replies to “Is The Deluge of Ackerwoman Slime Over?”

  1. The strange thing with the anti Norby mailers is that after the first two the message was made. 10 or so mailers after that it just seemed desperate and tired.

    I guess even they realized there are just so many ways to say the same thing in the mail. As always in contested elections, I will enjoy looking back at the race after knowing the resutls and trying to figure out what difference, if any, all this mail made.

    One thing is for sure. If Linda Ackerman does not win after waging this type of campaign and spending that kind of money (north of $300k at this point with IEs) she will hopefully think twice about venturing back in to Fullerton again.

    1. Yes. Our Undercover Surveillance boys have captured the phone calls relating to that. A post is on the way!

  2. It’s the fourth quarter for team Ackerman and they are facing a 4th and 18 yards to go. The only play left is a quarterback sneak. The quarterback is tired and lame. The play book is empty. A defensive blitz will finish the game with a team Ackerman decisive loss.

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