Is Anybody Just Wild About Harry?


Harry Sidhu poses with a near life-size dummy of Arnold
Harry Sidhu poses with a near life-size dummy of Arnold

We haven’t posted anything on Anaheim’s Harry Sidhu and his bid for the 4th District County Supe race in some time. And we have been negligent in not passing along news of his upcoming fundraiser on June 20th. His “host committee” (remember – the guys who get in free) include a roster of current and former Anaheim politicos.

Looks like Tom Daly's got problems in Anaheim.
Looks like Tom Daly's got problems in Anaheim. But Stanton, Cypress and Brea aren't even in the district...

This is surely bad news for the other Anaheim candidate, Tom Daly who must be chaffing at the thought of Harry grabbing the support of Anaheim’s old guard both Republican and Democrat. That may actually be a reflection of Tom’s real popularity south of the 91. His campaign mastermind, John Lewis, must be plenty pissed off about it, too.

But back to Harry. He has a wee bit of a problem. Harry does not live in the 4th District, but in the posh precincts of Anaheim Hills, in the 3rd. He has stated that he will buy an address in the 4th, for appearances and legal requirements, presumably, because nobody expects him to move out of his cozy compound in the hills. None of this reflects well on Harry who can be seen as a perennial office seeker with more money than sense.

...and harry isn't part of it either!
...and Harry isn't part of it either!

In the meantime Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson has already launched his campaign for the 4th and has a website under construction.

6 Replies to “Is Anybody Just Wild About Harry?”

  1. Garbage Grove isn’t in the district either. And who wants the backing of those boobs from Brea even if it were in the 4th?

    Harry needs to stay where he is and run for the 3rd Seat when it opens up.

    1. Agreed. I think Harry would be a fairly decent Supe (although the bar is set way, way low), but the carpetbagging thing is just a dishonesty. A poor way to start a campaign.

  2. He will pull out and run for the Third Dist w/ the money. But, he and Norby may be running for Dog Catcher by 2012. Hey, go get a real job and stop running for things.

  3. Maybe Norby will co-endorse him along with Daly and Nelson since he clearly has abandoned principle for his own “save myself a government job at any cost” perspective.

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