Fullerton Fossils Flog Fabulous Fossils

Recently CSUF President Milton Gordon appeared at the BoS chambers to memorialize the fact CSUF is going to be the custodian of the County’s vast bone collection of long-deceased beasts. Whether this collection includes the remains of such Pleistocene creatures as Harrieticus Weiderisus or Gaddius Vasquezii is unknown.

Norby and Gordon share pre-Holocene memories...

We note that Dr. Gordon appears a bit bemused. Let’s hope he found his way home.

3 Replies to “Fullerton Fossils Flog Fabulous Fossils”

  1. I heard Norby was running around the room with a box full of rare paleontological specimens with staff chasing after him trying to get it back.

  2. Maybe someday someone can explain to the public how a political hack like Mark Denny got ot be the Director of County parks.

    It’s Fullerton related, right?

  3. JPR, I believe mark Denny was an aide to Supervisor Bill Campbell when he was an Assemblyman. Then he became Campbell’s Chief of Staff at the County. He left the County to be a government lobbyist for a big pharma company a few years ago.

    Then he came back as Parks Director. Pretty easy to figure out, right? During good times these slugs ditch gummint work for greener pastures. When times start getting tuff in the private sector they come surrying back to the gummint teat.

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