The Fringies Continue: Least Distinguished “Journalist”


As you Friends may well imagine, this category is chock-full of worthy nominees. In fact, choosing them was a real challenge. 2009 was an excellent year for journalistic incompetence, and our nominees each qualified for slightly different reasons. The nominees for Least Distinguished “Journalist” are:

1. Sharon Kennedy. She is nominated for her reprehensible tactic of forwarding Chris Norby’s anti-Redevelopment essays on to City Hall, where a staffer wrote responses and Don Bankhead, between pudding breaks, signed them. Hardly the actions of a responsible journalist. Which is why we put the word in quotation marks in our title.

2. Barbara Giasone. Barbara distinguished herself last year by snagging the coveted Wurlitzer Prize. This year she earns a Fringie nomination by an entire year’s worth of vapid vacuity. Just think of it. The Earth has accomplished a full orbit of the Sun and Babs has not made a single journalist contribution to the folks of Fullerton. An accomplishment crying out for recognition.

3. Frank Mickadeit. This homunculus receives his nomination for outstanding and relentless ass-kissing of the Repuglican elite – formerly people like Mike Carona, but this year Ackerman, Inc., as he slavishly passed along all of Dick Ackerman’s bullshit to the dwindling number of OC Register readers.

4. Lastly, lets not forget Mickadeit’s Register colleague Martin Wisckol, who seems to suffer from the same sick infatuation with the Repuglican clique’s collective posterior that infects Mickadeit. This year Wisckol distinguished himself by acting as Ackerman, Inc. press agent, doing so from the very beginning of the Ackerwoman scampaign. Our intrepid reporter even contacted the Ackerwoman in France as soon as the Duvall deal went down. Later he passed along her lame “businesswoman” resume as a matter of fact, not invention. Suspicious minds smelled collusion. Suspicious minds were right.

8 Replies to “The Fringies Continue: Least Distinguished “Journalist””

  1. Where does a worthless ass-kissing blogger like Jerbal Cunningham fit in? He pretends to be a “journalist” of some sort. His work for Dick Ackerman should be recognized, no?

    1. Dollis, that is a good point. Here at FFFF we don’t consider bloggers to be journalists although in some respects they are journalist-like. Therefore your friend Cunningham doesn’t count – at least until the nominating committee can come up with a new category.

      But if I ever see him, I’ll be sure to lift my leg in his direction.

  2. The principles of journalistic ethics: truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability.

    Where did they go?

  3. I agree with Gustavo. Mickadiet would be my choice for this distinguished award. Here’s…….Mick

    -“I specifically asked him about a videotaped comment Bushala posted in which Jones says he hoped the fire engine would “get a flat tire on the way” to put out a blaze at the old Fox Theater.

    He wants the Fox restoration to succeed, he says. But he also believes that the high cost means the city might be better off financially if it burned down. “I’m a Texas boy and sometimes I say stuff like that.”

    Bushala’s use of video to highlight what he thinks are Jones’ foibles is fair game. I just think he should play it straight and not doctor them. It’s confusing and insulting to Jones and the electorate.”-

    Insulting to the electorate? How’s the truth insulting (it’s not) compared to what Mickadeit did to Norby ala Hackerman?

    Frankly, everyone knows Frank has a man-crush on Dick.

  4. You already know I’m casting my vote for Sharon Kennedy to win the least distinguished journalist, editor and artist award or accomplishment in these fields. Now, if Sharon Kennedy is offended by my nominating her for this insult, she can prove me a liar and post the truth about herself on the FFFF blog

  5. sharon, I know you can post at least one accomplishment on this blog site. Didn’t you accomplish getting kicked out of Fullerton junior college , after one semester, for refusing to wear shoes to class? Please, refute me if this is a lie.

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