Former City Councilman DeWitte Launches Broadside into S.S. Fullerton Redevelopment

Former Fullerton Councilman and tax fighter Conrad DeWitte points out why redevelopment expansion is nothing more than a can of spray paint. We can always count on clarity and comedy from Conrad.

Please note the running dialog between DeWitte and our beloved target Dick Jones at the end of the clip. See if you can determine who came out on top.

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  1. I’ve noticed that Dick Jones loves to shout stupid remarks as speakers are walking away from the podium. What a bully. Good thing Conrad came back to stand his ground.

    1. Dave, I think that’s the Redevelopment consultant who found all those phantom examples of blight.

      1. Harpoon, my sources tell me that you are correct, the “slug sitting in the front row” is Urban Futures, the citys blight finding consultant. He looks and talks like he should all about about blight, but he falls short in every category.

  2. Hello All,

    Thanks to Conrad Dewitt and longtime West Truslow resident, who explained at Council meeting, goings-on and lack of City public safety enforcement at Union Pacific Park.

    Thank you also FFFF Administrator, Joe Sipowicz, Billy Bob, Travis, Harpoon and Thanks guys to follow and comment upon a distressing travail of well-intentioned but cockneyed, imprecise, amateurish bids at civic beautification.

    Revelation City of Fullerton may have been even partially aware, during planning and construction, a park contained poisonous substances–potentially harming children for the rest of their lives–is unconscionable, and grounds for redress against those staff members. I strongly urge elected and appointed officials to closely investigate specific circumstances which led to Fullerton being saddled with this toxic nightmare on West Truslow Avenue.

    To those who advocate City of Fullerton dispose of this tainted park, let me bring forward several points.

    It’s sad fact Fullerton suffers chronic deficit of parks and recreation in its most densely populated areas. Fullerton must do its best to offer civic benefits to ALL residents. I don’t propose moving the ‘Hood to Skyline Drive. The world is what it is; to the rich belong spoils of hard work, and to those of lower incomes and accomplishments should lie communities which motivate their children to aspire to higher stations in this free-market society in which we all live.

    Provision of parks is a way City of Fullerton can cost-effectively, democratically, address gaps between rich and poor. Without safe, green, open spaces, young people grow up physically, emotionally, intellectually stunted. I ask if any of the above-mentioned bloggers, as children, lived in neighborhoods without any green space?

    As a native New Yorker, some of my most cherished childhood memories were exploring Central Park. I don’t recommend a grandiose Fullerton Great Park, but urge its residents to consider incremental benefits from creating small spots of greenery and play which parks should provide. This neighborhood, known affectionately as Toker Town, is long overdue for more open space.

    The present situation–barricaded park, filled with homeless drifters, coke-sniffing ‘bangers and the occasional lost tourista–is sad testimony to past City Councils, staff, who didn’t do their homework, who flaunt an almost callous indifference to its lower income residents, then shrug their shoulders when they don’t get it right. Fullerton, this is unacceptable!

    Fullerton, fix this mess now! Don’t wait years for litigants to restitute damages which happened close to a century ago, FIX IT NOW! Don’t rely upon McDonald’s to open another toxic eatery in this neighborhood! Put interests of our most defenseless voiceless residents–Fullerton youth– FIRST!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    The Enabler

    P.S. NB to a Fullerton Council member who desires a dedicated Fullerton Blog, please read FFFF! We are Fullerton’s residents, its businesspeople, its voters! We are growing, and we want you to hear us!

  3. All the good stuff you guys have on the redevelopment issue and you post this boob? Lets stick to the personalities that help the cause please.

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