Dick Jones Dabbling In The Occult?

After watching the Fullerton City Council meeting the other night we had a sort of vague, creepy feeling. At first it wasn’t clear why. We noted the rather startling sartorial choices made by Councilman Dick Jones and a queasy uneasiness crept over the proceedings. Various uninvited images started to crawl into our rapidly firing synapses – Professor Harold Hill, Benny Hill, Benny Hinn; what the Devil was it?

Then it hit us like a rolling thunder from the Gulf of Mexico punctuated with a sharp explosion of illumination over the Texas llano: The Dukes of Hazzard! Dick Jones must have been channeling the ghost of Boss Hogg!



Ye Gods, have you no mercy? On the other hand we’ve gotta admit – the material is priceless – and endless.

5 Replies to “Dick Jones Dabbling In The Occult?”

  1. I see! Dick Jones should wear a white hat and look to the sky – This alone would improve Dick’s image!!

  2. Let me guess. Jones has a white belt and white patent leather shoes to go with the white coat and white tie. Earth to Dick: This is not 1973!

  3. How delicious that he’s been kept in office by Sharon Kennedy & her “progressive” Observer. But what would FFFF be without this Jones fodder?

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