FFFF Greets Ackerwoman & Co.

Forget about the law, my community knows no boundaries!
Forget about the law, my community knows no boundaries!

As we promised yesterday, a gathering of Friends took place last night at the entrances to the Summit House restaurant where a fundraiser for the Mrs. was organized by Ackerman. We wanted to make sure Ackerman, inc. got the message that we don’t care for carpetbaggers in Fullerton.

We noticed the arrival of a few of OCs more notorious Repuglicans – like Diane “the FBIs Comin'” Harkey and Lynn “the Bulldozer” Daucher. And we noticed an unusual police presence given the short notice of out protest. Hmm. Well, we behaved ourselves and the police hardly hassled us at all.

The best part of the evening was the arrival of Dave Lopez of KCAL , who broke the original story of the Duvall disgrace a couple months ago. Ever helpful, we supplied Lopez with the phony address Ackerman, Inc. are using on 1541 Lindendale, and hopefully he went over there to see for himself if Ackerman, Inc. ever showed up to spend the night at their alleged abode.

Linda and Dick appeared to be surprised when they drove past some of the Friends at the State College entrance…..stay tuned!

8 Replies to “FFFF Greets Ackerwoman & Co.”

  1. Woah WTF water puppy! in her candidate statement she opens with the fact that she’s been a resident of north orange county for 30 years. On the face of it it seems to be a flat out lie, but I guess it could be mere obfuscation.

  2. She was a resident in North Orange County for 30 years. She just leaves out the part about the years being1970 to 1999.

  3. The FFFF are true community activists!

    You guys define EVERYTHING thats right with community service.

    You represent your cause well and should hold your heads high.

  4. How embarrassing… FFF confused their “importance” with an even less viable story that Dave Lopez was seeking out. Way to go guys, I’m sure your falsely inflated egos will survive yet another blow.

  5. Uh, yeah Fullertonian. Whatever you say.

    The “importance” for us is keeping the Ackerman Inc. corrupt cancer out of North Orange County. We would gladly surrender our “importance” to that cause any day. And the sooner you Ackermanturds realize that the better off you’ll be.

    Our egos will only be inflated after November 17 when Ackerwoman acklowledges her Fullerton “residence” was always a complete and utter fraud, and she can return to bocce ball with Dick at the Irvine Lawn Bowling Club for Geriatric Repuglican Slime Gobbets.

  6. I’ll be holding my breath for an appology from the Ackerman kool-aid drinkers when Linda looses on the 17th and oddly enough the Ackermans never return to Fullerton to spend another night.

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