Ed Royce Endorses Shawn Nelson


US Congressman Ed Royce has endorsed Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson in his bid to replace outgoing Chris Norby as the OC 4th District Supervisor. Here’s the letter, purloined from Nelson’s campaign website:

Wow. Now that's impressive stationery...
Wow. Now that's impressive stationery...
This is good news for Shawn, but hardly surprising. The bigger question is whether other Republican politicos will start coalescing behind Nelson without expecting to be paid for the honor.

And speaking of politicos when is Chris Norby, the would-be County Clerk, going to get up off his duff and endorse a conservative Republican?

C'mon big fella. Up 'n at 'em
C'mon big fella. Up 'n at 'em

Finally, when we reflect upon some of the intellectual and philosophical ciphers Ed Royce has stuck Fullerton with in the past 15 years on both the City Council and the various school boards, we have to ponder the value of his endorsement. Still, as far as the rank and file are concerned it is better to have it than not.

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  1. seems ed royce is sensing a shift in the political winds. The failure of california’s propositions on may 19th, Shawn Nelson’s successful efforts to save fullerton residents money by exposing fullerton’s city council illegal move to raise its employees pensions and the TEA party movement wakes up the big government Republicans to the fact that Americans vote for politicians who promise not a utopian world but smaller, fiscally responsible government. Royce hopes to win more votes for himself when he endorses down to earth Nelson.

  2. So – endorsing good candidates instead of any idiot with an (R) after his name is good politics for Royce? Well, maybe this means no more automatic endorsements support for RINOs like Bankhead, Jones, Godfrey, Clesceri, Wilson, Sugarman, Ballard, etc., etc. etc.!

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