County Website Promotes Anti-Tea Party Video

Blog reader Pam Keller sent FFFF an email yesterday to alert us of a blatant abuse of County resources to promote a political message against Tea Party activists.

In a video that is presented on the official Orange County government website, children are shown lecturing adults on the dangers of free speech as images of Tea Party activists flash across the screen. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself:

Who's running the show?

Clips of conservative activists are spliced in with displays of violence, including a fight scene from the Jerry Springer show and the infamous headbutt by soccer player Zidane.

Also appearing in the politically-charged video is a still of Republican congressman Joe Wilson in the now-famous incident where he yelled “You Lie!” to President Barack Obama during his health care address.


So how did this inciting video end up on the County website? Who paid for its production? Who approved the message and who decided that it was ok to use taxpayer-funded resources to promote a blatant political message?

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  1. The video site also mentions Kanye West and Serena Williams. I am pretty sure they were Obama supporters.

    It is funny that they would have kids lecture us. What the heck do they know?

    My kids at least have grown up to be Libertarians in terms of their outlook. None of them trust the government and all of them question the size of our government and our tax burden. Mission accomplished!

    1. There is a rich history of the Leftists, Communists, National Socialists in using “children” to lecture and instruct adults about the latest propaganda put out by the government (schools).

      That Pam Keller is the source of this posting is appropriate since she is seemingly the Keeper of the Flame of Feminism “thinking” for the City Council (e.g. sitting at Bankhead’s right hand and regularly interjecting little-girly comments like: “…and women too…” whenever Bankhead fails to use the most politically correct phrasings in his speeches).

      If we join Ms. Keller and focus on form and trivia over substance perhaps “they” won’t notice violations of law committed by City Council, and prompting private citizens to bring law suits in order to preserve our Rule of Law ( A BIG HIGH FIVE to Tony versus the Redevelopment Agency expansion fraud ).

  2. Since when has Mayor (pro tem) Keller given a rat’s backside about abusing government resources?

    If she did she’d be out protesting loudly against the useless OC Human Relations Commissions and its dead head head Rusty (my sister is the equally parasitical Sharon) Kennedy.

  3. Pam wouldn’t send you that video to alert you of government abuse. She sent it to you because she is PROMOTING IT. Get a clue!

  4. Zidane head-butted that Italian asshole because he called Zidane’s sister a whore. I would have kicked his soccer balls for him, too.

  5. #5, yes, the implication is clear. We must love Pam; we must fondle and caress Pam; we must worship at the altar of her do-goodism, in fact. No meanness. No haters. Just love and groovy love-mud wallowing feelings, a la Woodstock.

    But Pam, what do you expect? You lied in ’06 when you said you wouldn’t let “out of town developers” dictate our future. You voted for the megamonster Jefferson Commons and Amerige Court projects, remember? We do. You said you wouldn’t take their money but you took it for the non-profit that pays your salary! Don’t remember that, either? We do. You use your non-profit to promote yourself while at the same time remaining on the public payroll. We think that stinks.

    You ought to expect some outrage directed at you. And wait ’til the OC GOP has at you next fall.

  6. #2,

    The mention is in the caption on the YouTube page that the video is on, if I recall correctly.

    The video has an interesting premise, but mixing in angry taxpayers is B.S. They have a reason to be angry.

    And being angry is not illegal, nor is it always unethical. Jesus Christ himself got mad when he threw the money lenders out of the Temple. I suppose he turned the other cheek later?

    Being angry is one thing. Being stupid is another. Attacking folks, for example, is a bad way to deal with your anger. Ripping them on a blog is much better…and it lasts forever!

  7. it’s hard to figure out how dumb Keller really is. The idea of her chastizing this blog for what she perceives as its lack of civilty is sort of goofy. Nobody here is assaulting anybody and if you don’t like the tenor of the blog, don’t log on.

    Pam would have us believe she’s all about civil discourse. The lefties always are until you dare challenge their self-righteous good intentions. Then you get a Sharon Kennedy.

    In the case where the boohoo good-intentions coincide with self-interest you’re still just expected to keep quiet. It’s for the children.

  8. there are worse things than tea partiers, just ask Margo and those who show on their equifax credit report attempts to commit credit card fraud to pay for trips abroad.

  9. after watching this juvenile clip produced by OC human relations, as a grad of CSU Fullerton, I must get far from the MADdening crowd and watch TV

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