Comic turn in Norby vs. Ackerman Calif. Assembly race. By John Seiler

Even if you’re not from California, you might find this amusing. A special election is being held Nov. 17 to fill a vacant seat for Assembly District 72.

The main candidates are Chris Norby, an Orange County supervisor, and Linda Ackerman, the wife of former Republican Senate leader and current lobbyist Dick Ackerman.

One hit piece being put out by the Ackerman campaign brings up a sexual harassment suit against Norby that was dismissed in court. According to one account, the accusing woman said Norby “made remarks about her legs.”

Isn’t the point of a woman showing her legs that men notice them?

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  1. if that is the worst fact the ackerman campaign can find about norby, then norby will win the 72nd assembly seat. Sexual harrassment is very 1970’s retro Ms. Magazine. Linda ackerman should hang out at that cute shop on Commonwealth called In Vogue

  2. Can someone comment on a few things and maybe it should be its own post? Based on some of the figures regarding registered republican vs. democratic vs. others, it sounds like Norby will get the lion’s share of republican votes. However, MacMurray may still get the majority vote. Can someone smarter than me explain or comment on that division of votes?

  3. It is not even a remote possibility that MacMurray will pick up the majority. This is only a primary and he is the only Democrat in the race. Why would most Dems even bother to vote at this stage?

    Also, the entire district is only 34% Dems. This guy has no hope in either election.

  4. Who remembers the League of Cities meeting in the late 80’s when then Fullerton Mayor Dick A. was show casing Fullerton at the Big-A, but instead of bringing the tape (VCR) highlighting Fullerton, he brought one of his porn tapes highlighting Debbie suc*ing d*ck?

        1. The LA Times archives server is offline at the moment, but this is from the Google cache. You can search for any of these phrases and it will come up.

          Fullerton – Porno Game Is Over and City Won, Mayor Says
          May 05, 1987

          As far as Mayor Richard C. Ackerman is concerned, the matter is closed. The pornography did not come from the city’s promotional videotape. It must have come from somewhere else.

          Ackerman was referring to an incident at last month’s Orange County League of California Cities meeting in the Stadium Club at Anaheim Stadium.

          Fullerton, host of the meeting, showed a 15-minute promotional tape, but a few minutes after it ended, a brief bit of X-rated pornography flashed onto the video screens.

          The city’s tape was taken from the meeting but returned by mail to Fullerton city officials last month. “It was a council member from another city,” said Chris Meyer, assistant to the Fullerton city manager. “I don’t even know who it was.”

          In a formal statement issued from City Hall, Ackerman said he had ordered the Police Department to analyze the tape. Video consultants were hired, and they confirmed “that our video only contained a 15-minute promotional piece on the City of Fullerton and no pornographic material. The pornographic material was never part of our video,” Ackerman said.

          “This was just a very unfortunate incident, but it’s over now. Let’s concentrate on more important issues,” Ackerman said.

  5. Although you sound encouraging, I would still like to see the statistics on it. Somewhere, maybe here or another blog, I saw that nearly half of registered voters were either independent or declined to say. So IF the dems got there votes and a few extra AND the republicans are split, we could see a Big Mac Attack. Those are some big IFs but they seem plausible considering the nature of the election and the constituents.

  6. “Isn’t the point of a woman showing her legs that men notice them?”

    Oh get real.

    I agree that this isn’t much of an excuse for a campaign issue, but few women who wear a dress to church do it because they hope the minister will greet them at the door with: “Welcome, I’m glad you could come, and, by the way, you’ve got mighty fine legs.”

    Most men, probably not even you, aren’t in the habit of giving every woman they meet a critique of her feminine allure. If you acknowledge that there’s a time and a place, then you acknowledge that a man, even Norby, may have chosen the wrong time or the wrong place, to tell a woman what he thinks of her legs.

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