Chamber Star Finally Weighs In on the 72nd

Ever since some of our critics chastised us for being unduly negative, we have sought contributions from folks who, well, just have a rosier outlook than we. So from time time we post stuff sent to us from our loyal follower “Chamber Star.” Today this individual shares his/her views on the 72nd Special Election Primary.

Election time is nearing! The 72nd State Assembly Special Election is at hand. Many people have already mailed in their absentee ballots and many others will do so soon.

A lot of unpleasant things have been said and done during this campaign and at least that will soon be over. But before it is I want to share my choice for the job: Linda Ackerman.

Why Linda? First because she seems like a real team-player, and not one of those mavericks who can’t get things done. When she says she is not defined by being a Republican she is giving a real signal that she wants to compromise and make deals with the opposition to get things done. And boy do we really need to get things done in California!

As a business person myself, I appreciate that she understands our problems. This site has been very critical of her lack of business experience, but I can tell you that not just anyone can sit on a board of directors, or be part of a non-profit organization. And being on the Board of the MWD is not easy either. It must take a tremendous amount of time to go through all that mountain of paperwork and analysis to make it run more like a business.

I believe Linda shares our values. As a replacement for Mike Duvall we need someone who brings those values to Sacramento. A lot has been made of the Ackermans mentoring Duvall in the first place, but I just don’t believe it. Good, honest people like the Ackermans don’t have anything to do with individuals like Duvall. On top of that Linda has never held office before so she represents a real change, and boy do we need change in California!

Some people have made an issue out of the fact that Linda’s husband is really calling the shots. I don’t know if he literally “speaks for her” but I’m not worried. I like the fact that we can have his vast experience, wisdom, and political connections “on call” as it were; we are really getting two well-connected and knowlegeable people for the price of one!

Finally I want to address (and dismiss) the charge of “carpetbagging” leveled against this fine woman. It’s true that she moved to Irvine and has rented an address in Fullerton, but who cares? If you wanted to hire someone to work for you, would you restrict yourself to only someone from your town? Of course not. You’d try to find the best person for the job – regardless of where they live – and put them to work ASAP. And Linda with her years of charity work and with the PTA in Fullerton before she moved out is just the person for the job.

Well, don’t just take my word for it. Check out all the voices of Linda’s endorsements from OCs best and brightest elected officials, men and women who have selflessly dedicated their lives to our betterment, and who have absolutely nothing to gain personally from an Ackerman victory.

When you add it all up, the choice is very clear, and I’m confident Team Fullerton will make it : Linda Ackerman for State Assembly!

13 Replies to “Chamber Star Finally Weighs In on the 72nd”

  1. If Carpetbagging is not an issue, then why have specific districts? Perhaps we could have a state-wide slate of candidates that would represent everyone. The large cities, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, that are voter rich could elect every member of the Legislature. Orange County would only hope that the good will of Los Angeles elected officials would provide a few scraps for the Orange County tax payers. In reality, these leglislators elected by the voters of the large cities would further regulate and tax all Californians for the benefit of the large cities. Mr. Chamber Star, you need a civics course. Representative government means REPRESENTING actual citizens.
    The Orange County Republican Party should be ashamed that when an opening occurred, the only person they could identify was the wife of a past representative. No other citizen, elected official or not, was qualified. It seems that the Republicans want an Monarchy with representatives selected by a small group of insiders. The Republican Party Leaders should be for Orange County….Orange County is not a possession of the Party Leaderes. There are two parties, the stupid party and the destructive party. I am a member of the stupid party….the Republicans.

  2. I beg to differ with you. She is a political “hack” in every sense of that term.
    She is a “straw” person for Dick Hackerman and every one of his cronies. You madam chamber star are not a member of team Fullerton. Please don’t insult the fine members of this great city with you slick talk and foolish justifications for Mrs. Ackerman’s proven inabilities to represent our district.
    Of course it matters that she has not lived in this district for 10 years. The fact that she does not truly live here and is renting a phantom room in order to have an address in Fullerton while she continues to live in the same house in Irvine is mis-representation and flat out fraud! How can you think and write that Hackerman is the right person to represent this district knowing all of the facts? Would you hire someone to work for you that you know for a fact mis-represents and lies about a basic fact of where they live? I think any relationship whether it is business, personal or political that is based from the start on a lie is not healthy for anyone involved. I own a business and would never hire someone that I knew was a liar, no matter how much “good” I thought that person may do for my company.
    I have a solution to all of this! Why don’t you Ms. Chamber Star, hire Linda Hackerman since you like her morals and ethics so much and ask her to step out of the campain so that the great people of Fullerton can have a chance to get real “honest” political representation in the state capitol. That would be a win for “Team Fullerton”! So, step up to the plate Chamber Star, and have Mrs.Hackerman step down from the 72nd race and you can have her and her lies work for you! It’s a win/win for you and Fullerton since you like liars and Fullerton doesn’t need liars representing them…

  3. Chamber Star, please let us know who are the members of Team Fullerton. Has the Team self appointed themselves, as they have tried to appoint the next Assemblymember. I would like to know the members of the proud Team Fullerton. Or are they not proud, and scurry around town in darkness, only to flee when the sunlight is shed upon then, like cockroaches. I will await the roster of the proud Team Fullerton.

  4. The sad point is the Chamber Star is not sarastic, Chamber Star is intellectually lazy and a parrot of the “Team Fullerton” party line.

  5. If I had to guess, Chamberstar is one of the regular bloggers under a new name to incite the usual rage that this blog is so infamous for. The argument for Linda is a sad, canned one that clearly wants to bring out the anger in the other bloggers. It’s really, truly, pathetic. What a sad tactic FFF.

    1. No, not sad. Very entertaining. Chamber Star is a real person, or if not, at least seems to reflect attitudes and opinions prevalent in certain Fullertonian circles. And that’s why we always welcome him/her.

      What’s “really and truly pathetic” is the Ackerwoman candidacy that is mercifully slouching off to Perdition to die.

    2. Hey “Fullertonian” if you think the argument for your girlfriend “Linda” is so “sad” and “canned” why don’t you pass along a better one. if you can, that is.

      Frankly I think Chamber Star has presented the Ackerman candidacy perfectly, in all its glory!

  6. Honest to goodness, is Chamber Star a real person? If so, he/she obviously didn’t graduate at the top of his/her class.. What an intellectually mediocre essay, endorsement, argument for another very very mediocre person!

  7. “It’s true that she moved to Irvine and has rented an address in Fullerton, but who cares?”

    Dead wrong.
    This isn’t running a business. It’s representing an electorate. One assumes that a person representing a group of people would live and have experience with them.

    However, Ackerman has not lived in Fullerton for a very long time. And renting a BEDROOM in a house, while sleeping 7 days a week in Irvine doesn’t qualify her as a resident in the full sense of the word.

    What’s apparent to me is she wants a job.
    So she should go do what everyone else does: go apply for one in the private sector.

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