Bruce Whitaker Sharpens Axe, Eyes Giant Turkey

Redevelopment brand turkey...
If it walks like a turkey and gobbles like a turkey...

Here’s a great youtube clip showing Fullerton Friend and Planning Commissioner Bruce Whitaker argue against the ridiculous Richman housing project that intends to provide enormously subsidized houses to people.

This “project” has waddled and gobbled along for quite some time, the darling of the Redevelopment staff who conceived, concocted, and cajoled this thing, with their specially selected McSpanish “dee-veloper,” of course.

Anyway, watch Bruce W. in action; and be sure to stay tuned for a separate post we will be doing on the lame clownery of Bruce’s fellow planning commissioners who will do almost anything to avoid looking out for the interests of the citizens and residents of Fullerton.

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  1. Well said, Mr. Whitaker. The vote was 6-1 to approve 34 CONDOS, that is subsidized houses.

    I can’t wait to hear what the 6 ninnies had to say.

  2. meeting on TV and a question was asked to staff by Commissioner Landsberge, “is it within the Commissions purview to look at this from a financial standpoint or are we only to look at this from a planning standpoint?”

    The city attorney Mr. Duarte answered, “In the commissions purview its a land use issue, the city council will look at the financial impact”. Sure they will.

    Oh, but what a convenient answer, if you don’t want the Commission to think for themselves. And it worked on all, but Bruce Whitaker.

    Whitaker for City Council in 2010?

  3. #3, “In the commissions purview its a land use issue, the city council will look at the financial impact”, as if the bozos on the PC have any expertise on land-use and planning. At least we have one person who stood up for the rest of the neighborhood. Thanks Bruce!

  4. Yes, that Shawn Nelson.

    As readers are well aware I generally do not comment on this site, not because I have no opinion and not because I do not read regularly (I do) but I do not want this site to be seen as somehow a collection of my friends and supporters. Quite the opposite is true in fact, I am a supporter of truth and those that tell it however painful and I do not want to become a distraction for those that do or do not support me.

    With that said, I appointed Bruce Whitaker to the planning commission to bring an idependent and well reasoned voice to the one group other than the council that has the most citizen involvement of any commission. Bruce and I do not discuss the issues before the body nor do I have any idea how he does or does not vote on whatever issues before them. Once again I am reminded how important it is to have a balance of input on issues of critical importance to the future of our great city. Bravo Bruce!

    The commission is not there to do a financial analysis of every project, however, they are there to provide a common sense view to projects at an early stage so as to avoid any one of them building an implied unstoppable momentum prior to arriving before the council.

    The project as proposed contemplated an economic environment that we all agree no longer exists. Thank you Bruce for your willingness to stand up and remind us all the emperor walking the parade route is not wearing any clothes.

    I keep an open mind but certaily appreciate the comments of the thoughtful and insightful. Every option should remain on the table for this property which is why I opposed it at the last go round before the council.

    Keep up the good work.

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