Being Dick Jones; Sharing the Crazy Hillbilly Routine

The Orange County Vector Control Board meets monthly with all its 3 dozen Board Members, and Vector staff. Our own Dick Jones represents Fullerton on the Vector board where he now has the reputation of being a nut. Sound familiar?

During a staff presentation at the May 21, 2009 meeting, Jones had a typical Jones moment. First he pops up out of his seat waving hand in the air, screaming “enough…enough for God’s sake,” then minutes later he compliments staff for baffling him. We’re not sure how to read this other than we think Dick Jones had some sort of a mental snap, and then he flew the coop. We’re used to this sort of things, but apparently it shocked some of his Vector colleagues.

You may have trouble sorting through the man’s mangled syntax so we are providing a transcript of his remarks:
“I would like to compliment you all on the extensive report you gave, however when I get on an airplane I’d like to think that some agency says it’s air worthy, I don’t want to know the percentage of the materials that make up the wing spars, your intentions are laudible and so forth. I think this was over done, when people come to me for an operation I did not give them 4 years of surgical information during my residency, this was excellent. It’s nice to be baffled by brilliance, and it was baffling”.

We would like to think that’s it’s not asking too much of our elected officials to act like adults, not spoiled children used to getting their own way. If Jones can’t control himself in public perhaps he could just limit his idiotic outbursts to Fullerton rather than make the city a laughingstock when he takes his show on the road.

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  1. Good to see others get a chance to watch and listen to Dr. Buffoon do his act.

    I wonder what these people think about us for electing and re-electing him. And I wonder what they think of Ed Royce and Dick Ackerman for foisting this clown on Fullerton in the first place.

  2. “Some agency says it’s airworthy” Huh? Councilman Jones, the Vector Control IS an agency. You are a director whose responsibility is to the taxpayers who fund that agency. If you’re bored with your job or you can’t understand the information needed to make decisions, then quit!

    1. Michael Heffner :
      “Some agency says it’s airworthy” Huh? Councilman Jones, the Vector Control IS an agency. You are a director whose responsibility is to the taxpayers who fund that agency. If you’re bored with your job or you can’t understand the information needed to make decisions, then quit!

      Michael, I’ve been wondering when you would find our site, great comment. I was wondering when others would see what I’ve been seeing for 13 years!

  3. Jones’ Texas-twanged tirade has become the talk of OC as it was witnessed by a Board representing all 34 cities. A sampling of reactions from those present: “It was a meltdown—he’s off his rocker!” “It was weird, just really weird!”

  4. Has Dick Jones ever said anything without including a doctor analogy? Even when he flips out, we get his title thrown at us.

    1. Fullerton? It enjoys the status quo so much that it doesn’t see when it’s both rude and irrelevant.

  5. What is strange for those of us who are used to this crazy behavior is that by Dick Jones standards this is pretty mild. Compared to the other clips I’ve seen of this lunatic in action I would not really have thought much of this most recent tirade.

    I guess its like hanging around a guy that weighs 500 lbs. You get used to how big he is until a newcomer points out that the guy is huge. You take a double take and its as though you hadnt noticed in quite a while. You just got used to having a 500 pound friend.

    We have just gotten used to Dick being a crazy person. He doesn’t make any sense when he says things and his analogies compare things that do not share similar qualities. He makes statements during the “question” period that are merely factual assertions followed by the word “right?”. Then he flips his lid every three months or so.

  6. Get used to even more of it. Jones never wanted to run last fall but his pal Ed Royce convinced him how important he is. So now he is crazy and frustrated, too.

    Thanks, Ed!

  7. This outburst displays HeeHaw’s personality perfectly. He’ll do any thing staff (an agency) tells him to so long as they don’t bore him with too much information. And that explains so much of what’s been going on around here for soooooo long.

    This chucklehead has no business in any position of authority.

  8. I clicked on the YouTube link and when it was done a series of Hee Haw clips were available at the bottom of the screen.

    Please accept this as a formal demand that from here forward any clip of crazy Dick begin with the Hee Haw welcome song and cartoon. It is only fitting and just to do so.

  9. “Enough! Enough for god’s sake!” Every professional’s rational response to information related to the issue they are about to decide.

    Dick, is it possible that the wheels are coming off the bus? Wings coming off the plane (Air Force reference may hit home a bit better)? It would not be a disgrace to leave the council. It is a disgrace that you stay and behave as though you are forced to serve a sentence.

  10. I noticed Dick popped off 40 seconds into Jane’s comments to the Council. That jackass Jones just can’t keep his trap shut when other people are talking. He should be recalled!

  11. Harpoon, I don’t know what he said, all you can hear is Jones’ interrupting squelching high pitch annoying voice, and then Jane stops and for just a few seconds, and then Jane continues after Jones interrupts her.

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