Amid Sex Scandal Ackerman Launches Beer Ad

We have long know about Dick Ackerman’s arrogance, but really, is it a good idea to brush off a reporter on the trail of a sex scandal story by swigging a beer right in his face?

Or maybe Ackerman has decided to peddle Corona Light in his copious spare time and saw some free air time.

Check out the clip below and watch Dick and Dave square off; but Dave is not daunted and pursues his deer-in-the-headlights prey.

DZ this caption is waiting for you
Nothing says "screw you" quite like a bottle of beer in the face!

4 Replies to “Amid Sex Scandal Ackerman Launches Beer Ad”

  1. Yup, Dick’s trying to play it cool in his little face-off. That probably isn’t going to work.

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