The Downtown Styrofoam Plaza


Who’s accountable for this junky clutter put on public land (the downtown plaza) using public funds? Think about the wasted space, materials, money. Think about how much effort it takes to keep these monsters clean, the paint is constantly peeling on their Cone Heads, styrofoam is popping out of it’s thin skin of stucco, the dirt streaks are becoming permanent. It’s time to remove the clutter.

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  1. I believe styrofoam is an abominable building material and has no business in fullerton, especially in city owned/funded projects. Now the city is faced with the ongoing maintenance and repair of a bad decision. That’s my spiel for now, but you haven’t heard the end of this.

  2. Steve – you have a keen eye. It’s a good thing you are a member of the Redevelopment Design Review Committee. Who were the members of the RDRC when the styrofoam plaza was born? I believe styrofoam should not be permitted on public projects. Just look at the photo, unsustainable eye sores, aren’t they!

  3. Don’t give the Redevelopment bozos any big ideas. By the time they do a study, hire a new circus architect, remove and replace the crap with something equally crappy, the bill to the taxpayers will be a small fortune. The original “plaza” cost over a million bucks – for some concrete and those dumb-ass arches. And that was ten years ago!

    Just remove the garbage? Not a chance!

  4. Joe – I understand your feelings towards the Fullerton Redevelopment bozos of the past, however, there’s new blood at the Cuidad with the ability to reason. I believe they’ll do the right thing this time.

  5. In response to all…I feel your frustration and understand your contempt for some of the processes of local government,however just be aware that some of us “Bozos” on the RDRC have passion for this city and are not going to stand by idly while it’s monuments to cheap building methods crumble in front of our eyes. As for styrofoam…the only function it should have in F-Town is keeping your coffee warm.

  6. I work at a salon near the downtown plaza, I don’t know much about construction, but, these things seem to be the cheapest, cheesiest, ugliest box’s I’ve ever seen.

  7. The three concepts unfathomable to the Redevelopment Bozo mind:




    Three concepts undetachable from the Redevelopment Bozo mind:




  8. Everyone makes mistakes, no reason to point fingers, let’s just all work together and correct the problem’s of our past and look forward to making it right this time.

  9. “Mistakes” who are you kidding Ms. Fullerton. It’s hard to believe they are only 8 years old. These things are an insult to the intelligent people of Fullerton. Fullerton’s the “Education Community”??? I wonder how much space they actually take up. The older they get they look more like prison guard towers. I wonder what they will morph into 8 years from now. Maybe a paint ball park?

  10. I agree with Terry, repair the styrofoam, shine the helmets and place them back into service for the next winter fest in Fullerton. The kids love the snow.

  11. Bob and Terry G, I know you must be joking. Those things are an affront to any person with an iota of aesthetic sense. Only a city bureaucrat could like something that patently dopey.

    Clear them away! Ecrasez l’infame!

  12. Oscar, it’s obvious you don’t know Fullerton. The prison guard tower looking light fixtures are a symbol of what the new breed of Fullertonians want in architecture, fake old, styrofoam, unsustainable (built to last 15 years), blend in, compatible crap. Somewhere in history Fullerton lost it’s soul DTFullerton.jpg“>.

  13. Your issue is entirely subjective. You are just against Dick Jones and the Observer. I’ll never visit your blog again.

  14. C.H.

    Subjective? That’s like saying you can’t tell good art from bad art; or good food from bad food. Some idiots like crappy food; some idiots like crappy architecture. Some idiots like being represented by buffoonish clowns (you?) and reading socialist propaganda in Pravda, er, The Observer (you?). You deserve to live a crap-filled life. Others may not choose your path.


  15. What a beautiful picture to show what a REAL downtown looks like. No dumb sign ordinances, no BS design guidelines. A lot going on – during the day! Jeez, you might even be able to buy something useful. Now all you can do is listen to lousy music, get drunk and throw up on the sidewalk.

  16. WE control downtown Fullerton and WE say what goes on. If you don’t like it you can go sleep with the fishes.

  17. Just discovered Friends for Fullerton. Thanks. I don’t know who to ask about the need for a redo at Brookhurst and Orangethorpe. I’ve lived there for over 20 years and am now really depressed about the lack of markets and upkeep. Heard it will be another lo cost housing in a few years. Help!


    1. Joe Sipowicz (Age )Portland, OREmail Phone
      Jos E Sipowicz (Age 79)South Glens Falls,
      Joseph Sipowicz (Age 83)Philadelphia, PA

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