Friends For Fullerton’s Future Honors Art Pedroza and The Orange Juice Blog

Friends For Fullerton’s Future would like to thank Art Pedroza and The Orange Juice Blog. The Juice is the No. 1 ranked political blog in Orange County. Art has given us the opportunity on his blog to post important Fullerton issues, thereby giving Friends For Fullerton’s Future additional exposure. Art Pedroza has been a major influence in Fullerton.

The Orange Juice Blog addresses all types of important issues, and not just in Santa Ana, where Art lives. Those who write for his blog are very intelligent and good people. He doesn’t do it for the money (there’s no money in blogging), but to stimulate thoughts and ideas, and to help educate people. Blogging has become an exciting new way to communicate ideas and share views, a vehicle for discussing thoughts and opinions about elected official, their staffs and issues facing our communities.

Thank You, Art Pedroza and The Orange Juice Blog, for the opportunity that you have given to all Fullertonians.

2 Replies to “Friends For Fullerton’s Future Honors Art Pedroza and The Orange Juice Blog”

  1. The Powers That Be truly hate Art down in SanTana. I think the knee-jerk stooge Republicans in OC hate him even more. Which means he must be onto something!

    FFFF, just keep talking about the things the City Establshment doesn’t want you to to talk about and you’ll be doing a great public service.

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