They’re Baaaack!

Those boys need to learn about cash for clunkers...

Yup. Those bad boys in the white van were spotted in the  Linbrook Bowl Lanes parking lot yesterday. The mescaline and the revolving bowling pin may have provoked some transcendental moments, but apparently the fellas got down to work because they forwarded an audio file. There is a lot of interference on it that sounds like the crashing of bowling pins, so we have had to deploy our expert audio forensic team create a transcript. And here it is:

(sound of phone ringing)

Scott Taylor: Hello?

Harry Sidhu: Uh, Scott. This is Harry.

ST: Where the hell are you?

HS: Well, I am here at the Calabria. I think I was being followed so I came over here. Just to be safe, you know.

ST: Followed? Aw, Hell. Tim Clark is with me. I’ll put you on speaker.

HS: Oh! Hello Tim! How are things going in my campaign.

Tim Clark: Well, we’re trying. I’ll be honest Harry. There’s still a lot of stink on you from that ass-kicking Mimi laid down on you in 08. Geez she won every precinct in Anaheim. Then running so soon after your re-election to the Council – our polls say that people think you’re just desperate for a higher political job.

HS: Yes, jobs.

TC: Huh?

HS: I am a job creator.

TC:  Ah, gee Harry. People in our poll weren’t impressed by minimum wage job creation. They didn’t seem impressed no matter how hard we pushed.

HS: Jobs.

ST: Um, focus, Harry.

HS: Jobs. Enterprise zone. Small business.

ST: Yeah. Okay. Okay. This carpetbagging thing is tough. Carol Rudat took it on the chops over this and it just killed Linda Ackerman and they’re gonna keep hammering that one. No way around it. For chrissakes just don’t get caught going home at night, Harry. Jesus, we’ll end up with Dave Lopez at the gate!

HS: Well, you know, those peacocks don’t feed themselves. Somebody has to do it.

TC: Okay focus, guys.

ST: What are we gonna pitch? Harry do you know anything about the County government?

HS: Jobs? I went to Norby’s office all the time. I will tell them I am just like Norby, only richer.

ST: Um, better not do that. We need something, you know, specific. Anything, really.

(prolonged silence)

Well, don’t worry, I guess we can cook up something.

HS: Well my friends that is why I have hired you. Oh! Now look at that would you. What a filthy disgrace! A dirty white van behind the wall spewing fumes.

Ah! And look at the time! I must be going, um, well, you know – home.

(at this point the telecommunication was terminated)

On the road again...