Profiles in Courage

During a quick stop at the on-line Fullerton Observer I read an article by Jane Rands about a dope forum held by the folks at NUFF – an organization of mostly geriatric liberals whose mission seems to be to promote safely pro-government candidates and causes. Aha, thought I, perhaps someone will stand up for the rights of the people of California who have voted twice for marijuana legalization and twice have been thwarted, whenever possible, by the Drug Warrior/Prison Industrial Complex.

Weed Tribunal

The three members of a panel, selected by who knows who, were Ahmad Zahra, Temp Fullerton Top Cop Bob Dunn, and some dude named Richard Ham about whom I know nothing.

Whatever hopes I had about this get together were quickly dashed reading the article. Smilin’ Zahra, it seems, once got a prescription for medical weed for his fibromyalgia, but was too chicken to try it. Scary stuff. Ever the wordy equivocator, Zahra seemed to be all for lots of regulation because gosh darn it, the kids have already been exposed to cannabis by illicit shops popping up next to schools.

The large and seemingly self-satisfied Chief Dunn, who used to be a spokeshole for the notorious Anaheim Police Department, gave the usual cop-blather about the evils of drugs (kiddies were getting into mom and dad’s digestible stash!) and reminding Fullerton’s tremulous seniors that drug driving is a crime. In typical police fashion he suggested that a confused public causes his boys “a lot of effort with little return.” Same ol’ bullshit the cops have been peddling for 60 years. In a grand gesture of philanthropy, however, he did let it be known that he and his posse intended to follow the law. Gee thanks, Bob.

The third member of the Dope Troika was Mr. Ham, a Korean business guy in some sort of hotel business. Good thing he was there, because somebody was able to point out the all the flaws in the present system where cities are allowed to opt-out of legalization and the ultimate consequences of California ridiculous 2016 referendum: the maintenance of an illegal, underground system of cultivation and distribution.

Zahra proclaimed the meeting a “good start” begging the question of why in the world anyone needs to start considering these issues. Why there is any confusion about marijuana in this state after over twenty years of legalization? It’s because the cops and the cowardly politicians don’t want clarity, they don’t want freedom and they don’t want to be deprived of the seizure asset income they get from the War on Drugs.

Mr. Zahra did accomplish one thing. Because of the presence of Mayor Jesus and Jan Flory he warned of the dangers of a Brown Act violation, chasing our stalwart mayor out of the room.

Handling Politicians: The Termite Queen Syndrome; A Brief Essay


All your needs will be tended to...
All of your needs will be tended to...

In our casual study of the behavior of our local elected officials we have observed a rather disturbing thing: their treatment by the bureaucrats, local media, and even their own political consultants that is remarkably similar to the treatment received by the queen within the hives and nests of certain social insects.

Their psychological needs are carefully ministered to; their egos are carefully tended and stroked; their sustenance is provided in the form of ceremonial activities and dutiful obeisances pleasantly doled out by a superficially sycophantic crowd.

And there they are: voluntarily trapped in an official cocoon in which their votes are almost as perfunctory as the myriad pupae produced by a termite queen. And like the queen that grows ever larger and ever more constrained by her own girth, our pols become ever more dependent on their handlers.

Even the campaign consultants who are supposed to be working for the politician come to control the behavior of their candidate – stressing useless and harmless “issues” and actually avoiding anything that could possibly be construed as controversial – like actually trying to reform government stuff that just doesn’t work very well.

Just check out any of the websites of these poor creatures, trapped by their own fear and ambition. In the ones where there actually is any content (lots of “coming soon”s) it’s just blather: cliches, nonsense and double-talk, spit out to positively dodge saying anything substantive.

And there you have it friends: the Termite Queen Syndrome.