Who Was Emmanuel Perez?

While I was strolling along the ill-fated Trail to Nowhere the other day, I came across a small shrine-like set-up just where the UP right-of way starts its parallel run with the BNSF mainline.

This is what I saw.

This small memorial is dedicated to somebody called Emmanuel Perez who died at 28 years of age, six years ago. I did some quick searching and found no news references to anybody dying here, whether by foul play or by train accident. But Fullerton has a history of keeping bad news out of the news.

Naturally, Voice of OC “photojournalist” Julie Leopo failed to publish this image after she took her guided tour of the area, helpfully provided by “journalist” Skaskia Kennedy. That would not have been good for the pre-arranged narrative.

Death on the Trail to Nowhere is not new, but this is one I hadn’t heard of. If anybody can shed some light on the life and death of Emmanuel Perez, let FFFF know.

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  1. I hadn’t heard about Emmanuel Perez, but it sure looks like a memorial for a dead man.

    Dead men on the Fullerton RR tracks don’t always make the news, especially if it isn’t related to a train death.

    Train or homicide, this proposed trail ISN’T SAFE FOR ANYBODY. Especially not for people stupid enough to use it.

  2. Speaking of cue Hogerhouse. It’s safe, it’s safe!

    Dead bodies on either end and toxic contamination wells in the middle.

    1. I’m pretty busy sniffing my own farts over here. Give me a minute so I can come up with a long-winded moronic bloviation.

  3. What is this? Exploiting a victim, presumably of the undeveloped, unmaintained lot? To somehow claim it should be left as is. I’m shocked. And confused since the natural response that might honor that person… we should develop it. Something nice, car and train free, with trees, a class 1 bicycle trail, proper lighting so this doesn’t happen again.

    1. “Nice.” How funny. If you think a path through junkyards, plating businesses, derelict car storage yards, homeless tents, junkie needles and walls covered in graffiti is nice you must be pretty damn stupid.

      1. And I forgot the ever-present odor of the asphalt plant right next to it. Mmm. Delightful. Nice things for the Mexicans!

      2. You’re saying developing a trail there is a bad idea because it’s currently an undeveloped, derelict abandoned lot. Is that about right?

    2. So you admit there’s a “victim.” Good for you. Acknowledging your problem is the step.

      The trail to oblivion isn’t safe.

    3. Hey idiot, all parks and trails in Fullerton close at sunset. So the trail to know where will be wasting electricity all night to keep it safe? Good thinking, moron. So you know the other murder happened at night at a section in trail to know where Phase 1 the lights were on all night trying to keep it safe. Which it’s NOT!

      The problem here you dumb cluck is that this strip of land is in a crappy part of Fullerton. It’s adjacent to junk yards, an asphalt plant, body shops, repo yards, demolition contractors, chrome plating and powder coating businesses, etc.

      1. Most of Fullerton is crappy. The way to fix it is nice maintained parks and infrastructure.

        If powder coating and asphalt business are producing toxins that should be addressed. If it’s a odor problem, that’s life in the big city. All kinds of smells that come and go as you move through.

        1. Yes, the environmental negatives can easily be borne by the brown natives just so long as Hoogerbooger and his liberal pals get the self-satisfaction of giving them “nice” things.

          1. Incoherent l. There are no environmental negatives to the phase 2 trail plan.

            Some concern trolls pretend to be worried about contamination on the trail. If it was found it would have to be cleaned up. If it exists and is not found it will continue to spread. Seems like an argument in favor of development since that would trigger detection and clean up.

            Other concern trolls pretend to be concerned about pollution impact on minorities… they’re not. They are not advocating for addressing pollution of existing businesses. If they were that would be a pro health and equity stance. Instead they are using it as a fake excuse to not make a trail which is actually open to everyone.

            You guys need to put on your thinking caps before engaging me. Empty insults embarrass you. Your broken logic embarrasses you.

            Show up or shut up.

          1. “that only cost Irvine $285,000,000.00”

            Buying out businesses is one way, I guess. Rich cities can try that. The state addressing it or going the environmental enforcement route is another way.

            Another way would be a class action by affected parties for health impacts.

              1. Did I hurt your tender sensibilities? Conflict with your ideology?Good luck with that as a cause of action.

            1. Poor people like environmental toxins just like they enjoy shopping for clothes at Goodwill, unlike wealthy (whatever you do for a living) with valuable MBAs from Cal State Freeway.

      2. Curious, don’t even try to show this pumpkin what a dope he is. He is a classic sufferer of what’s called the Dunning Kruger effect. It’s when people of limited ability chronically overestimate their skillset.

        Hence: Hogerhouse.

  4. It’s been said 1000 times by people who know. Only an idiot would think that strip is even remotely safe.

    As to Dunning-Hoger: go look at what a consummate fuck-up Phase 1 is: dilapidated, trash, tree stumps, weeds, piss odor, broken railing (for the horsies) and almost always a car parked there with somebody peddling dope of some kind. Right now there is a homeless dude with a tent and a hammock just before you get to the bridge – where a man was stabbed to death.

    And then explain why Phase 1 doesn’t line up with Phase 2.

    Only a damn fool would hope that somehow, miraculously, this ill-conceived trail would improve the area. That’s like hoping a healthy appendix will defeat cancer.

    Until you pull your head out of your sphincter please keep your ignorant pie hole shut.

  5. Post all you want, because I will be.

    The trail would improve the lot. It’s silly to argue otherwise but there you are, being silly.

    1. The 30 acres around it makes your “improvement” a total waste of money – IT WON’T WORK, dumbass. That’s the point ya moron. You’re just throwing word salad at something about which you are completely ignorant.

      And cut out the patronizing attitude and tell your friends to do the same.

    2. Why don’t you ever respond to the issues involving your precious Phase 1 – a total disaster and waste of millions.

      Ignoring facts is the boohoo way.

      1. Funny. He can’t so at least he’s not trying to justify that mess. He won’t talk about how Phase 1 doesn’t even line up with Phase 2, or how there’s no ADA compliant crossing of Highland.

        I remember when that was built 20 years ago. Staff said the same thing – the project would uplift the area. Actually, just the opposite happened.

        1. He just keeps saying the same thing. Master plan. Whether it makes sense or not is irrelevant.

          Zahra has gathered some real idiots around him.

          1. I’m not going to apologize for being consistent.

            How about you all?

            Do I have this about right?

            If a plan is voted down the world will end if it’s ever brought before council again. Regardless of what the public might want… Council majority has spoken, what do you not understand about final decisions? Get with the program.

            Alternatively, if a plan is adopted it’s fine for the city to have total amnesia about it. No repeal, no alternatives considered, just… what master plan? OK for council to pretend like it never made a decision, gave the bureaucracy its marching order, it invested resources and it delivered…

            Sounds FFFF wants a dysfunctional city government.

            1. “Council majority has spoken, what do you not understand about final decisions? Get with the program.”

              Now apply that to the decision about the Trail to Nowhere.

              It’s only over when YOU want it to be over. What a child.

              1. Whoosh. Read it again. You clearly didn’t get it. I was stating your conflicting positions. I don’t have a conflict

                1. Yes, you do. You believe a council majority makes law. Until you don’t like it. What a dickless fool.

                2. “Yes, you do. You believe a council majority makes law. Until you don’t like it.”

                  Of course they have authority to make law even when I don’t like it. They’re duly elected. Even passing over D5. Wrong, dysfunctional, anti-democratic, but completely legal.

                  I never called into question council’s authority. If you thought that, that’s your malfunction.

                  What’s actually happening is I’m calling into question their decision, their decision making process, what’s driving their decision and calling it dysfunctional.

                  And I’m pointing out your confusion and apparent preference for dysfunction.

                3. The Council majority has spoken on the Trail to Nowhere. It should have been over except Zahra with the connivance of the City Manager and the City Attorney kept it alive – very undemocratically, huh?

                  But the decision was final, right? What a maroon.

                4. What’s wrong and dysfunctional is that the majority made a decision and let Zahra undermine it. But that’s just one of the reasons Zahra isn’t mayor – again.

                  Maybe Zahra shouldn’t have filed a bogus complaint against Jung to to the FPD.

                5. Zahra isn’t the point, you just want it to be. The point is council knifing the trail. The issue is politically live as long as their is opposition to council’s decision. I know there’s public support for the trail. Bushillas and somehow Jane Rands (TF?) seem to be the opposition to the trail.

                  How many votes did the House of Representatives taken on the Affordable Care Act? Just because something passes doesn’t mean an issue is dead, or won’t come up again.

                6. “Maybe Zahra shouldn’t have filed a bogus complaint against Jung to to the FPD.”

                  This idea again. Politics isn’t based on personal grudges it’s based on stakeholder interests and money.

                  The mayor rotation is to ensure that all districts get a fair chance to lead council. Not for political personalities to lead council.

                  D5 was passed over for mayor. That Zahra is the duly elected representative D5 doesn’t factor. It’s about politics. The conservative council majority will pass over any district with a councilperson to the left of Jung.

                  And if you’re talking about Jung assaulting Zahra, you have no proof that it didn’t happen.

    3. Why does this “lot” need a $2,000,000 “improvement. What a waste. In 2 years it will look just like the Phase I disaster you REFUSE to address.

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