Trail to Nowhere Gets Use

The other day FFFF noticed a gentleman who was actually an active bicycle user of the City’s much-vaunted recreation trail through the industrial wasteland of central Fullerton. In fact, this fellow has two bikes!

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This poor chap seems harmless enough, but guy’s presence once again raises the several issues regarding the proposed $2,000,000 trail, mostly about safety and maintenance, but also about the homeless problem that has plagued the City’s Union Pacific right-of-way for two decades and actually helped close the dead Union Pacific Park years, and years ago. Potential users, even if there were any identified beyond the insane projection of 105,000 per year, would surely think twice about the neighborhood and the company they would be keeping whilst recreating on the Trail to Nowhere.

No one in City Hall, not staff, and not the incurious City Council who unanimously approved this waste of money, explained why the fate of the UP Park won’t also be visited upon the Trail to Nowhere. The physical conditions still appertain and the existence of the homeless and the Fullerton Toker’s Town gang is as prevalent as ever.

You would think that no one would want their fingerprints on this new disaster-in-waiting, but there seems to be the understanding that in Fullerton all you have to do is wait for a year or two and all past sins will be forgotten if not forgiven. This is called no-fault government, and man, we got it bad.

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  1. No one has addressed the issue because they can’t and they won’t. The ingredients that caused the failure of the ill-conceived UP Park and “Phase 1” haven’t gone away and are as bad as ever. And yet our public servants and councilmembers soldier on, flushing good money after bad, because hey, it’s somebody else’s money.

  2. Behold your next Fullerton City Council member or City of Fullerton employee! He’ll probably be the best the city has every had.

      1. Yep. Dunlap folds like a cheap suit. Attaboys are easy to come by if you give into anything and everyone Mayor Baseball. Jung was a disaster. Whitaker weak. Time to give Ahmad a try. Couldn’t hurt.

        1. Staff loves that sort of sports shit. Remember Tommy Lasorda Week-end, Whitaker’s contribution to Fullerton’s governance?

          Staff laughs along knowing that the time NOT dedicated to asking questions about their activities is time well-spent.

          1. Correct! Why ask or question staff? Dunlap and crew are too occupied with throwing victory parades for sports stars so they can pose for photos.

      1. No. But it is against the law to litter, urinate or defecate in public, be intoxicated in public, camp in public, shoplift, enter the country illegally, etc. I guarantee the suspect has committed two or more of these infractions!

        Get the picture, dumbass?

    1. Wrong. Hoogerboogeer the national socialist has never bothered to go along this right-of-way. Understanding facts might get in the way of the desired narrative.

  3. To be fair, the poor guy’s actually NOT (living) on the proposed “trail to nowhere”. He’s actually ON the 10′ section that’s not really a part of the “trail” the council approved. Am I missing something HERE?

  4. It’s not a much vaunted trail at all. It’s an undeveloped, abandoned lot. Using its current post apocalyptic appearance as evidence of why it should not be developed is just the kind of broken logic FFFF is known for.

    It WILL be a trail, because you LOST.

      1. Yes. The application is riddled with false information and peppered with bullshit. The City better hope no citizens speak out about the fraud.

    1. Do you pledge to stand up in public and apologize if the idiot Trail to Nowhere fails?

      Thought not. But you won’t be alone because nobody else will either.

    2. Hey, Hooger, is that guy a member of your bike club? Maybe you can get him yo give you a tour of the Trail to Nowhere so you can have real life experience. It’s not as fun as running your mouth about someplace you’ve been too scared to visit, but you might learn something. Probably not, but you might.

  5. Why did Dunlap and Jung and Whitaker not see and explain the REAL problems here. Are they that blind? Are they that unconcerned wasting other people’s money?

    Can they possibly believe there is any scenario in which the Trail to Oblivion is a catalyst for this wasteland? If so that requires a complete lack of judgement. Are thy that dumb?

    We know that Zahra and Sheena just don’t care (okay, they’re pretty dumb, too). I expect more from people posturing as fiscally responsible.

  6. Bushala and Fiends for Fullerton’s Past should put up better candidates instead of eating your own. Mayor Ahmad will fix Fullerton.

  7. Ahmad wins. You lose. Spent $500,000 against his reelection and he won. Spent $100,000 on Jung, Bruce & Dunlap and he still got his trail. Ahmad wins. You lose. Boohoos beat Bozos.

    1. Dream on. Mayor McCheese has a better chance being Fullerton’s mayor than your precious Zahara. Nice thought though Bernard from Anaheim!

  8. Too bad he wasn’t there when Skanskia and the intrepid photojournalist from Voice of OC organized their tour. Jeez that would have been bad for the narrative.

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