The Desecration of Emmanuel Perez


In a post only a month ago I wrote about the presence of a memorial shrine on the now-approved, ill-conceived “Trail to Nowhere,” likely evidence of a mortality, causes unknown. But we knew the name of the victim because a small cross gave his name, Emmanuel Perez, and his vital dates:1990-2018.

On a recent tour of the Trail to Nowhere FFFF noticed that the cross bearing Mr. Perez’s name has vanished, removed by somebody after having been there unmolested for many years judging by the age of the shrine.

Gone, not forgotten…

Who did it, and why?

The only plausible reason is that someone who reads this blog, or knows someone who reads this blog wanted it gone, and took it.

It’s possible that family members or friends removed it, but that sort of defeats the purpose of a memorial, and why, after all these years?

It could have been a City employee, dispatched for the purpose of removing an embarrassment to the City’s beloved boondoggle. That would be ironic given the trash, industrial waste, homeless and drug addicts that are the hallmarks of both Phase 1 and the proposed Phase 2 of the Trail to Nowhere. The City has never shown any interest in maintaining the existing property it owns.

Nothing to see here…

Or could it have been a zealous Trail to Nowhere advocate, those busy Zahra minions, who decided that a memorial to dead man was not the sort of landmark that would make good publicity for an allegedly safe facility. Or maybe it could have been a Fullerton Observer.

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It might even have been taken by the fellow who is currently making his abode about 100 feet from the memorial site, to add to his collection of Fullerton memorabilia.

Mr. Perez is gone and so is his cross. But neither are forgotten. FFFF is offering a reward for information about who purloined the memorial cross of Emmanuel Perez. Send us an email.

17 Replies to “The Desecration of Emmanuel Perez”

  1. My money would be on the guy camping on the Trail to Nowhere. But I wouldn’t discount one of Zahra’s claque. That’s right up his alley.

    I can almost guarantee it wasn’t City personnel. It would have taken effort.

  2. Still shocking how anybody could thing the stoopid trail to nowhere could possibly be a good idea.

    Thanks, City Council, especially three that caved in. You did Fullerton proud.

  3. “The only plausible reason is that someone who reads this blog, or knows someone who reads this blog wanted it gone, and took it.”

    Also you fucks are the center of the universe! So of course that’s an unbelievably true statement.

    1. Haha. You keep coming here to the center of the universe. Did you steal the cross? I’d give odds but you’re too lazy to get off your fat ass.

    2. The cross has been there for almost six years and now it’s gone – a few weeks after FFFF posted about it. Hmm. You creeps are fucking grave robbers too, I bet.

  4. That fucker had a campfire BBQ on the Trail to Nowhere. Let’s alert “photojournalist” Julie Lepolo. This is a great human interest story.

  5. So the cross was there for six years and suddenly, after being brought to the attention of the trail drum beaters, it’s suddenly disappeared.

    Maybe the Fullerton observer will write about the injustice to a member of an underserved population.

  6. There is alot of potential that could boost the number of users of the Trail to Nowhere. All we need to do is open the Independence Park homeless shelter that Curtis and Eric persuaded the City Council into approving;

    The Trail will provide an enjoyable meandering power walk straight to downtown and will allow the Homeless Veterans a direct path to spend all day enjoying the amenities that our thriving downtown has to offer! They are truly Hero and they deserve! Thank you Curtis and Eric!

  7. This seems like a good opportunity for Kelly’s Army and Fred to come out of the basement and profit from this tragic event by creating merchandise and public awareness … hahaha

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