A Couple of Old Friends

I noticed two items that popped up on the Fullerton City Council’s December 19th, 2023 Closed Session Agenda, two things that remind us that in our town bad news never seems to go away, if it ever needed to happen in the first place.

One item had to do with Jacob Poozhikala, the slimy SOB who owned JP23 on the southwest corner of Harbor and Commonwealth.

Poozhikala is a poster child for the miscreant club owners in DTF who slithered in as our city government kept bending over backward to accommodate them. Pooz’s place of hospitality was probably the worst offender of them all – quite a feat. A shooting, alleged drug rape, overcrowding, operating without permits, etc.

Oh, I’ma hit that!

There wasn’t a legal barrier Pooz chose not to ignore. In the end he tried to shift the stalled permit process to a new owner – his nephew. That didn’t work. There’s a new establishment there now, but evidently Pooz isn’t through with us. I Can’t believe It’s a Law Firm to the rescue!

The other item involves our old friends from Air Combat.

In case you forgot, Air Combat, a lessee out at the airport, sued the City for violating its lease agreement, an incompetent ploy by our wonderful Airport Director, Brendan O’Riley to push out Air Combat and install a new tenant whose use was illegal.

Gravity asserts itself…

Ultimately a jury found the City at fault and awarded the aggrieved party $1.2 million. Of course nobody suffered any consequences, although the man in charge, City Manager Ken Domer eventually was fired and is now plying his dubious abilities in Laguna Beach.

Hitching to Willow Springs…

I don’t know what is still being litigated here, but it’s nice to see familiar faces, isn’t it? Jones and Mayer presided over this fiasco, too, but unfortunately for us taxpayers, Dick Jones ran up against Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, a real law firm.

18 Replies to “A Couple of Old Friends”

  1. I keep wondering who’s protecting Jones. I figure it’s Dunlap, but Jung seems suspect, too – he may need protecting. Whitaker is too zoned out to care.

    Of course Zahra and the other one are solidly behind Sleepy. It’s funny how no one seems interested in adding up all the expensive fuck-ups that actually make Jones richer.

    1. Emperor Tony Bushala can have Jones canned. Have him ask one of his boys on the council majority to cut off his head.

          1. He’s a criminal mastermind, just waiting to pounce. Never turn your back a downtown Fullerton multi-millionaire.

  2. Domer has since become City Manager of Laverne.

    There, other losers from the City of Fullerton are now gainfully employed. Among them, Chris Nigg from the fire department is now their fire chief.

    Starting to sound like old news
    Also starting to sound like the famous Observer (or so they think)
    Can we have a little old fashioned reporting and keep it fresh guys?

  4. Fullerton needs to start boarding up the windows for the Ahmads & Arunis 2024. More lame self promoters and pretend MDs and lawyers.

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