Yes! Yes, I Can Imagine It!

This fun image popped up on the City of Fullerton’s splash page very recently.

Looks like the HR department is interested in recruiting fresh talent into the ranks, and I wish them luck. Their success hiring real talent over the decades has been a little iffy.

And then I reflect that this blog has been working and working hard for Fullerton’s Future since 2008 – 15 years with only one sabbatical.

No, we haven’t been paid by the taxpayers, and no big pension accrual for us. None at all, in fact. No gratitude, of course, from the high and mighty inside the Seventh Wall, as Professor J.H. Habermeyer would put it.

Still, we soldier on, working for the future of Fullerton.

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      1. Because they have more time to waste at “work” than us working stiffs. The gubmint gravy train is easy to ride!

  1. “working and working hard for Fullerton’s Future since 2008 – 15 years with only one sabbatical.”

    15 years. Impressive. Any artifacts of success you can claim credit for?

  2. Never had drapes. But, uh, ok.

    2011? Do you visit it often in your Wayback Machine to relive your glory days? Er, glory day?

    An incident of horrific and deadly police violence from 12 years ago (by my reckoning) doesn’t really scale does it. I mean now it’s some kind of sick joke on this blog where someone pretends to be Kelly Thomas for giggles.

    What’s next for you champ?

    1. You and your kind were too scared to say a word. You hid like cowards while FFFF showed the world what your cops did. Whatever scale you believe in the truth is that this blog has been helping Fullerton’s Future. Come to think of it, your scale is defending incompetent, overpaid boobs in City Hall and defending a half-baked bike plan that will never even work. Go back behind your snivel-drapes and take the Kennedy creatures with you.

    2. You answer his question and he throws a fit like a spoiled toddler who doesn’t like the answer. JRH is as predictable as the sunrise.

      1. Anonymous coward gave an offensive answer, intended to offend.

        Working and raising a family isn’t exactly hiding behind the drapes. I’m sure angry libertarians who can dry up every vag in a 100m radius simply by sharing their insights can spend all kinds of time protesting.

    3. And you pretend to be relevant and believe that anyone actually cares what you say. Fantasyland, party of one, your table is ready!

  3. What was I suppose to say and to whom about the Kelly Thomas incident? How was I involved in any way? What is this blog doing to help homeless people?

    What the fuck is wrong with you? What have you got against drapes? I like blinds, but to each his own, I don’t really have anything to say about that.

    1. The Nobodies were on the street in front of the police department. You and your ilk were hiding behind their curtains hoping that you wouldn’t have to do anything.

        1. You and your liberal pals hid behind something, alright. Not a peep out of a single Observertard. Now you’re hiding behind your own family as your excuse.

          No moral fiber at all. Just empty talk about abstractions like social justice for underserved populations. And that’s why you people are so het up on the useless Trail to Nowhere – give the Mexicans something (they might be fooled into thinking is) shiny. Who cares if it makes any sense?

          1. Maybe you just gave your true concern away. When I think of the trail I think of building out the network so more places in town are connected by safe pathways for cyclists until ultimately everywhere in town is connected. One leg at a time.

            You think about gimmies and “social justice” for “Mexicans” and it makes you boil.

  4. Just look at Fullerton’s City Manager history since 2010 (I’ll leave Chris Meyers alone): sociology major Joe Felz, Ken Domer, temp Steve Danley, temp Jeff Collier, and now this Eric Leavitt person who seems perfectly satisfied following in those illustrious footsteps.

    Now think about some of our councilmembers: Flory, Bankhead, Jones, McKinley, Quirk-Silva, Chaffee, Fitzgerald, Zahra. Dopes or crooks.

    This level of dysfunction in “The Education Community” suggests an ingrained culture of mediocrity – at best. At worst, well, killer cops, sidewalk thefts, poisoned parks, leaky lakes, rotten roads, falsified grant applications, etc., etc. And zero accountability to the citizens.

    1. “in memorium FFFF: they hated this city and everyone in it”

      And hey why hold your fire about the grant application till you have shown any evidence. You can’t lose the integrity you never had.

        1. Of course I don’t know. In my defense you’re the one being enigmatic.

          No I’m not nervous. I have no dog in this hunt. I just don’t like your general negative attitude about public servants enough that I’m going to oppose anything not clearly supportable.

          Think of it as keeping you honest the way you all claim to be watchdogging city hall.

          1. Why don’t you take the time to scan the pages of the blog.

            It might change your opinion about the virtue of Fullerton’s public “servants” many of whom seem more interested in serving themselves. But of course it won’t. Stick to the Observer “John.” It’s within your wheelhouse.

          2. John R. Hogerhuis is opposition, wrapped in anger, wrapped in envy. He is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex.

  5. And defending and enabling all the Staff incompetence is Marblemouth Dick Jones. All the millions in settlement payouts are his legacy.

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