Misuse of the City Seal

A Friend directed me to a item in the Fullerton Observer about how Mayor Fred Jung had misused the official City seal on business cards.

UPDATE: 6:45PM 10/31/23. To protect them from getting nasty calls from any mean spirited person out there, the phone numbers of these honest men who are trying to help Fullerton’s economic growth have been redacted. The cards were originally published in The Fullerton Observer. I’m curious where the Observer got the cards from to begin with., something tells me it was devious. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Hope The Observer follows suit, but don’t hold your breath. Admin.

There’s nothing odd or wrong about members of City commissions using official insignia and I bet it happens all the time. What is strange is the creation of non-existent jobs advertised on two of the cards we’re looking at here. There is no official thing as a Mayor’s Art Counsel (sic?) or a Mayor’s Economic Advisor. These endeavors would be purely unofficial and creating business cards for them is wrong. And there is no reason to include a résumé on the backside of anybody’s City-related card.

Look at us, look at us!

One of the reasons I’m posting this is because a few days ago FFFF published a blog post about the self-congratulatory and unsolicited statement sent out by Councilmembers Ahmad Zahra and Shana Charles about the situation in Gaza on City letterhead that includes the City seal, and that was published in the Fullerton Observer without objection. In the comments section one of our Friends questioned the dubious use of the City seal.

The self-righteous Kennedy clan that operates the Fullerton Observer is too dense to recognize their own hypocrisy here, but I’m not.

The misuse of the seal is happening, and it needs to be stopped, regardless of who is doing it.

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  1. I’d wonder why Dick Jones of the “I Can’t believe It’s a Law Firm” firm hasn’t put a stop to this.

    Oh, wait. No I don’t.

  2. I would love to know what a “Mayor’s Cultural Arts Counsel” does. Or is it a misspelling of “council?”

    Whichever, the job doesn’t exist.

  3. This is the kind of thing I’d expect from Zahra. I wonder if Eaglet has a City card. “Community Liason” or something like that.

    1. Yep. I’m reminded of the infamous Julie Sa who used her mayorship as a way to do business in Korea (North and South, apparently) and China.

      1. I thought the same thing! I was once told that in Asian countries the title of Mayor is a big deal and that Julie Sa was using her title to get access over there.

  4. Nice “whatabout” fail.

    Zahra and Charles are councilmembers. I’m not a lawyer (probably neither are you) but as far as I know such messages on official letterhead are perfectly legitimate in this regard due to their being duly elected. When they speak as a councilman, they’re on city business. There are limitations to that, like directly campaigning. But that’s not what a unity statement is about.

    Meanwhile commissioners and fake commissioners in fake posts using the city seal on their business card is ILLEGAL. You said you read the Observer article, and they quoted chapter and verse.

    As the Observer also said, there is no penalty called out. But that doesn’t make it legal.

    Further using the city seal on a business card is effectively attempting to trade on your commissioner or fake-commissioner status. If that doesn’t give you an icky feeling, you have no business being a commissioner or commissioner adjacent.

    1. You are wrong, again. The seal can only be used for official City business, not pandering to voters as a way to promote yourself. Hell, the text of these boobs own message admits that this has nothing to do with their jurisdiction. Go haunt another house.

      1. You’re babbling.

        It’s lawful for councilmembers to do use the seal in public communications. It’s ludicrous to think otherwise. Who has more right than duly elected councilmembers? No one.

  5. “There’s nothing odd or wrong about members of City commissions using official insignia and I bet it happens all the time.”

    Nothing odd or wrong except for being illegal?

    1. Who says that’s illegal? Skaskia Kennedy? City commissioners perform official City functions. Pull your head out of your rectum and get some fresh air. The scenery will be better, too.

      1. Quoting the Observer

        “Ordinance 2543, it is unlawful for any person to make or use the seal of the City, or reproduction thereof, for any purpose other than for the official business of the City, its Council, officers, or departments. The City Clerk of the City shall be the official custodian of the official seal of the City. (Ord. 2543 (part), 1985).”

        1. And commissioners can certainly be construed to be officers if they are conducting city related functions. Now go back to sleep.

          1. “Construe” away. I doubt you believe that. Jung doesn’t believe that. He told them they cannot do it.

            They are putting the city seal on their business cards. They’re attempting to trade on their association with actual city officials. And some of these aren’t even real commissioner jobs.

            Where do you draw the line?

  6. The Fullerton city seal represents one of the most embarrassing government agencies in all of California. It conveys no prestige, no authority and no competence. Anyone who bothers to print their name next to it is a goddamn fool.

  7. John thank you! Only these anti-government jerseys would be dumb enough to abuse their own!! Keep exposing Jung. Without him or Whitakers you have nothing.

    1. And only the pro-Fullerton Bureaucrats Uber Alles “jerseys” would be dumb enough to over look 50 years of municipal disasters in order to protect the underserving objects of their affection.

      1. Go ahead and clown me for the auto correct function of cellular phones. I’m not the court jester pretending to be an internet scholar. Use big words. Your attempt to point out the hypocrisy of the Fullerton Observer backfired and you’re only hurting dear leader Jung. Keep up the good work. We all want to see him gone. You’re all self righteous dullards.

  8. Sharon Kennedy’s newspaper’s hypocrisy reflects its silly existence. In 2017, the Orange County Register, an actual newspaper held to journalistic standards, published an article about Sharon Kennedy’s brother , Rusty Kennedy, using the Orange County seal on his private, non-profit Orange County Human Relations Council. The Orange County Board of Supervisors told Rusty Kennedy , his use of this seal intended to give the “aura” this council part of Orange County government when soliciting money from donors. Rusty Kennedy was top dog at this council and whatever was donated was directly donated to him and in return donors got “walk in my shoes” warm, fuzzy programs with no accountability as to their effectiveness. This board of supervisors said Rusty Kennedy’s actions was a conflict of interest. It is interesting to note that in 2017, same board of supervisors removed Rusty Kennedy from his position as executive director of the Orange County Human Relations Commission for numerous reasons.

    1. Good old Rusty. When the Supervisors cut him out of the Commission he retired, drawing a huge pension and continued to do the same stupid, non-job now “privatized” to the Human Relation Council. So he got paid twice for the same lame thing!

      1. The pride of the family. At least he had a job. Of course he became an informant for the Anaheim cops, but who cares, right? It’s all about appearance in the BOOHOO world view. Let’s build a Trail to Nowhere!!!

        1. I would have used it to poop on. However it would have been very, very hard to find since nobody seems to know where it starts or stops and even though my mistress had that badass broomstick.

  9. Stated” I know such messages on official letterhead are perfectly legitimate in this regard due to their being duly elected. When they speak as a councilman, they’re on city business. There are limitations to that, like directly campaigning. But that’s not what a unity statement is about.”
    It would be nice if other council members had been asked to join in on this statement. Otherwise it is not worth the paper it is written on.

    1. “It would be nice if other council members had been asked to join in on this statement.”

      Fair point. I don’t know if they were or weren’t asked. But it’s not much of a unity statement if you can’t even get any Republicans to sign on. Oh wait, Jung…

      “Otherwise it is not worth the paper it is written on.”

      Unity statements are normal, understood, accepted. But in my opinion they’re exactly worth the paper they’re printed on.

          1. Well, I like him. He’s ignorant and foolish, but he’s got guts and guts are…shit, that’s wrong.

        1. Must be nice making commentary from the cheap seats John. Try calling into a council meeting or getting off of your couch to attend one in person. Since you have such a self-important opinion, put it on record.

            1. Anger is all he has. He has to raise his voice and use profanity because he can’t substantiate his arguments.

          1. Are you saying council members don’t read these blog comments?

            I was figuring at least 3 of you were on council…

            Maybe I’ll run for a seat. Council majority clearly doesn’t care about public comments so I’m not sure it would be worth my time or make a statement.

  10. Except that the Zahra Chares “statement” was nothing other than pandering to the public since they have no business with regard to Israel/Gaza and they knew it. Pandering to the public is precisely what political campaigning is.

  11. Their “joint statement” was political peacocking and a waste of time and tax dollars. Time and money would be better spent if they just smoked a joint together.

    Me and my police bros used to do it back in the day before we looked for homeless people to f’up.

  12. It is illegal to let someone not directly involved with the city use the City Seal.

    I will be filing a complaint with the OC District Attorney’s office this week.

    I will also be filing a complaint about the blatant disrespect for our two Hispanic districts 3 and 5. I am appalled that the three stooges think that this is okay. Oh yes they are owned by the Bushla family. They need to keep there personal opinions to themselves. This is city business.

    1. District 3 is not “Hispanic.”

      If you want respect then elect better councilmembers. Zahra is a lying, scheming fraud and Charles is just a nattering say-nothing.

      Good luck with the DA. Haha. Be sure to take “Bernard” with you for credibility.

      1. Bernard? Wasn’t that the famous band member and restauranteur who fell out of an airplane and landed on top of Ralph Kennedy’s house?

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