We the People, An Essay

Intelligent commentary was not forthcoming…

You’ve got to hand it to some of Fullerton’s lefties. Their blind devotion to abstractions, knee-jerk reaction to anything threatening their cherished causes, and blindered view of a world of injustices perpetrated on the “underserved” is pretty impressive. One way or another.

Let me be your guide! (Photo by Julie Leopo/Voice of OC)

But one thing that has really struck me lately is the way in which these folk identify themselves with the biggest thing in a democratic republic: the people.

It must be part of human nature to think that what you hold dear must be what everybody should want. But in some, the misidentification takes on a delusional quality – it is what everybody wants.

The people have spoken…

I’m referring to the recent hubbub about the ridiculous “Trail to Nowhere,” in which a tiny Ahmad Zahra claque have bi-monthly wasted hours and hours and hours talking about how their desire is the will of “the people,” and how the City Council majority is not listening to “the people.”

Why repeat the numerous reasons why the proposed trail was idiotic? FFFF has already done that convincingly. Instead, let’s look at the nature of the chatter.

Children at play…

Such talk could easily be dismissed as just meaningless political rhetoric, but these people seem to actually believe they do speak for everybody, obviously, because they are so right. It’s hard to understand where such a blind self-righteousness comes from, but I suspect it comes from decades of educational indoctrination into certain ways of thinking.

But, consider the reality.

Intrepid reporter/newsmaker, S. Kennedy, top left.

A dozen or so speakers nattering on about something they stubbornly refuse to actually understand, but believing that they speak for the citizens of a mid-size city of 145,000 people is preposterous.

All clear, fire away!

The vast majority of Fullerton’s residents don’t know anything about the Trail to Nowhere and, if presented all the facts instead of weepy and outraged propaganda of the Fullerton Observer, might possibly conclude that the Council majority acted in their interest.

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  1. They tried out the same crapola with “the people’s map” that was only meant to protect Jose Quirk-Silva’s boobish political career.

  2. This attitude of self-righteousness among Fullerton’s liberals has been going on a long time. It got some traction in the 80s when the establishment was run by middle-class Republicans and the liberals were shut out of politics.

    Old Ralph Kennedy led the way. Same know-it-all attitude, but still sort of practical in politics.

    And at least knew that City Hall is not necessarily your friend. He ditched that at the end when he and the Republicans found a common enemy: people outside the unfriendly confines of Fullerton politics: common people.

    Now they’re being used by Zahra to satisfy their foolish impulses.

  3. The Observer-style sanctimony takes on a sinister quality when it manipulates the ignorant to do its propaganda. I refer to the “students” (or whatever they were) who did something about Fullerton’s decrepit infrastructure. Half of it was devoted to promoting the Trail to Oblivion that obviously had nothing to do with deferred infrastructure issues and everything to do with propaganda.

    And when somebody complained they were attacked for attacking the students.

  4. What the fuck is this supposed to be.

    Of course we are The People. So are you. But when we speak we say what We The People want and when you speak you are saying what you as We The People want.

    It’s just advocacy. No “indoctrination” about it.

    If you’re trying to manufacture a point there is a majority against green belts and class 1 bike trails in Fullerton, you forgot to even try and I suspect you’re dead wrong.

    Why would you think that’s an essay without any new info? I guess you just have been indoctrinated somewhere it is acceptable to be intellectually lazy and boring as long as you’re sufficiently pissed off.

    Show up next time.

    1. No, you are one person. You speak for nobody but your, small, worthless self. Ditto for your 12 pals who show up at council meetings.

      Your delusion is why you have no pony, little Zahra girl.

          1. I’m hungry.

            Hoogie’s mom bought me to shut her up but now the family is broke and can’t afford to feed me. This is the same thing that happened to Hoogie’s little puppy they called Phase 1 (I have no idea why) who got mange and starved behind the Elephant Packing House.

    2. You are “the People.” What is that some sort of idiotic joke? You are just one person who has never been elected or probably even appointed to speak for anybody else.

      But thanks, I guess for showing up to prove the point of the essay.

      1. Do you think “We The People,” as used in the Declaration of Independence ever meant “everyone?”

        And since it didn’t, do you think the Declaration was a “idiotic joke?”

        My point is a counterpoint to the essay. You’re excluding everyone who wants the trail from calling themselves “the people.”

        You clearly do not understand the usage of the phrase in American history. It doesn’t really mean everyone and it never did.

        At best… hopefully… it means the majority. As it probably does in this case, and which you didn’t even bother to try to falsify.

        1. Do you think “We The People,” as used in the Declaration of Independence ever meant “everyone?”

          You have the wrong document, idiot.

            1. Yep. You have all the makings of a Fullerton Observer: dogmatic, ignorant, dumb. But you spelled amoeba right so at least you pay attention to your spellcheck.

        2. The people who wrote the Constitution were selected to represent their constituents.

          Nobody selected Skanksie Kennedy or Eaglet Nunccio – except Zahra – to stir up trouble supposedly on behalf of the employed, contributing members of Fullerton’s society.

          Stay in the shallow end of the pool. And always remember to wear your water wings.

          1. So if we polled the public do you think they’d be for or against accepting a 1.7 million dollar grant to build a bike trail?

            I think we all know the answer. So not only are we “we the people” (like you) but we’re the majority.

            No idea why our representatives don’t have their finger on the pulse. Oh wait $$$$.

            1. Hah. You coould hire the same boobs who wrote the Measure S ballot statement that was just propaganda. And it failed.

              Present the voters with an honest statement of facts – such as the design and complete maintenance failure of Phase 1, or that there are no identifiable users, and there would be outrage that the stooges in City Hall were at it again.

              1. Mr. Harpoon…has the city staff presented a revised cost of the UP trail project? Given inflation with construction materials and labor over the last couple of years, I would guess that Fullertonians would have to pony up more tax dollars to pay for it.

                1. No. They also omitted any costs associated with making Phase 1 both compliant with standards or connectible to the Trail to Nowhere.

  5. My name is Bernard and I am an Anaheim resident. Nick, you know I was dropped from the sky like a droplet of dew (skydiving accident that no one reported or ever heard of). Cause I’m a liar and my whole story is made up fiction like my master Ahmad. Bruce, you haven’t done anything about the roads that I wheel down because my roads are in Anaheim. It’s on public record Fred. I am a liar and a big phony.

        1. I am the only physician on this blog, I can certify Bernard came back from the dead.

          I will schedule his brain surgery soon.

  6. You forgot to included Santa Ana pension grabber shitty, I mean Kitty, Jaramillo, who made a failed attempt to own Nick with her comment on poor people not playing sports. Shitty, I mean Kitty, you are an out of touch pensioner. Poor people are the majority of sports these days. If you got off the government teat for a minute, you may learn a thing or two.

    1. She got up last night and accused Whtaker of saying THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE DID SAY. These people are shameless.

  7. Please stay tuned for the next Soap opera episode. LOL!

    Ahmad’s Novela : a serial drama performed originally on a daytime radio or television program and chiefly characterized by tangled interpersonal situations and melodramatic or sentim ental treatment.

    1. Most people are not paying attention to city politics. Doesn’t mean they don’t have interests served by those who do.

      And clearly the conservative council majority is cooking up some stuff the majority wouldn’t like.

      The alternative seems to be to let our government be run by the highest bidder. I guess that’s “we the people” too.

      1. You aren’t “we the people,” you are “I am the bigmouth.”

        You don’t speak for anyone else except in your jacked up imagination.

          1. But he/she’s right. You only speak for yourself. There are 150,000 people in Fullerton who (luckily) have never heard of Hogerhoos, God’s Gift to Humanity.

            1. No they’re not right. Because lots of people agree with my position regardless of this ridiculous take.

              Having common interests, shared values isn’t a matter of official delegation of authority or all having a chuck e cheese membership card.

              So this is just reductive nonsense.

              1. And you are the self-appointed spokesman for the sweaty masses – you who haven’t got the time to even go to a council meeting and add your voice to the other 13 nincompoops.

                That really is reductive nonsense.

                1. FFFF and more importantly, The Observer are a bigger platform than a council meeting.

                  Go figure.

      2. “Most people are not paying attention to city politics. Doesn’t mean they don’t have interests served by those who do.”

        And it doesn’t mean they do. Thank you for supporting the theme of the essay. You and the Kennedys speak for no one except an imagined clientele of “the people.”

        1. You’re wrong and clearly don’t understand how politics work. I hope the council majority is ultimately as confused as you are and is caught unaware as to what matters in politics: popular support for your actions and results.

          1. Like most loud liberals you have a lazy Messianic Complex.

            “Popular support?” Half a dozen odd ball complainers doesn’t equal any sort of support at all. Now go look in you stocking. Maybe Santa left you the early gift of a bike plan that makes sense.

            1. Sour grapes, I get it. You’re one of these poor libertarians who have never exerience and will never experience their kooky, impossible ideology outside of their own cranial vacuum. Suffer in solitude. Please.

                1. Well maybe you are a libertarian and you got it wrong.

                  You’re right though I don’t have enough evidence based on this article. It was a guess based on the crowd you run with.

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