The Trail to Nowhere Grant Application

The trail didn’t go anywhere, but it sure was short…

Curious Friends have been asking about the grant application the City of Fullerton submitted to the State of California Natural Resources Agency to build the now infamous “Trail to Nowhere.” Why? Because the plan, as conceived by parks employees as a make-work project, was so obviously useless, flawed and ill-considered. Reflect on these facts:

  1. Nobody ever used the allegedly successful “Phase I” except drug addicts and the homeless.
  2. The City has been unable or unwilling to maintain Phase I which is a trash-strewn, urine soaked disgrace, making the question of maintenance (below) perfectly reasonable.
  3. Phase I doesn’t even line up with the proposed “Phase II.”
  4. The scheme was going to cost Fullerton $300,000 to build; nobody would say what the running costs would be.
  5. The proposed “trail” was to run though an unsafe area of heavy industry, junk yards, a plating facility, an asphalt plant, parking lots and myriad used tire and auto repair places. It would have run parallel to the BNSF mainline track with no buffer for a third of its length.
  6. Carncinogenic trichlorethylene (TCE) had been identified years ago on an adjacent property by the EPA/Department of Toxic Substances Control that described an underground “plume” moving south across the path of the “trail.”
  7. Two requests for information regarding environmental investigation on the “trail” site, via the Public Records Act have been obviously stonewalled by the City of Fullerton.
  8. “Trail” advocates have been disseminating false information about connectivity to the Transportation Center and Downtown Fullerton, and positing future connections to the west that are completely implausible.
  9. And probably most importantly, no one could describe a potential “trail” user except by using generic data irrelevant to the actual site. The users would be the “community”

The grant application itself isn’t to be found in any City Council documentation, because they never approved the actual application, only allowed the application to be made behind the scenes on their behalf. But it turns out that copies of the document are available, possibly leaked by City Hall employees appalled at the whole mess.

Well FFFF has it.

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  1. Such a tease! If the application was prepared and submitted on the City’s behalf I’m guessing that would be the work of a highly placed politician or lobbyist. Don’t keep us in suspense!

    1. No. It was the work of an under-supervised, lower-level bureaucrat looking for OPM (Other People’s Money) to play with.

      Nobody higher up reviewed the assertions therein; or, if they did went along with them.

      In either case this has to be considered a team effort.

  2. Quit complaining. It was only $3 million they were going to spend. And all the good feelings are priceless.

  3. It’s ironic that the ONLY people who have immediate access to the TTN are then people who live in SOCO Walk and who paid seven hundred grand for their townhouses. Hardly the underserved community portrayed by Zahra and his running buddies at the Observer.

    And they have never used “Phase I” even to poop their dogs, so even that doesn’t look very hopeful.

    1. That’s true. But let’s not forget the guy who was murdered at the eastern end of Phase 1 trail to nowhere. Not to mention repeated arson in the vicinity. Anybody wandering around there at night had better be armed.

  4. Fullerton is starting to give Compton a run for its money as a squalid, crime-ridden land of decay ruled by corrupt, incompetent politicians and city workers.

  5. I’m on the edge of my seat, really. One day you’ll report information instead of blathery ideological screeds, I guess. “We have a document stay tuned” is not grown up work. It’s just wasting everyone’s time.

    As to the confused screed, once again, it’s pretty clear to any normal person how road networks work. No one signs up or asks for each individual road. Obviously no one is going to spend all day going between UP park and IP. They ask for the network, which doesn’t take you from A to B but ultimately creates connections between many points in town. And according to the plan everyone expects the network to be built out over time.

    This class 1 trail would have been one proposed leg of the bicycle master plan. But given this massive renege after a pile of planning money spent, everyone is left wondering what is the bicycle plan? Does council majority give a fuck about anything the city is actually committed to?

    Any sane person would see the incompetence as ignoring the bicycle master plan as if it didn’t even exist and wasn’t on the books. Council asked for a wider plan. *It already exists*. *They put it in place*. The question is why is council majority so incompetent as to not understand what the plan is.

    But you’re not interested in the real problem here.

    1. There is no network. There will never be a network using the Trail to Nowhere. Suck it up.

      Fortunately the point is moot. YOU LOST.

      1. “There is no network.”

        There won’t be a network as long as the city continues to fail to stick to its own plans.

        1. Haha. A plan? What plan? Some dumb boohoos draw an unworkable, impossible line on a map, call it a “plan” and a Council approves it to get rid of the annoying boohoos with no intention of doing anything about it.

          Some plan.

          1. “no intention of doing anything about it.”

            Actually I don’t think that was the case. But it seems to be the case.

            There is a lack of follow through, institutional memory and concern for the public interest from the current majority.

            Someone’s concerns are being attended to. Would be good to know whose and why. The class one trail had reaction ranging from popular support to indifference. The only exception being FFFF’ers/Bushala.

            1. If by “popular” you mean the same ten people egged on by Zahra to make incoherent fools of themselves, then yes – super popular.

  6. Wasting time? Your time isn’t worth anything. If it were you wouldn’t keep showing up here blathering the same irrational, emotional and pathetic boohooistic bombast.

    1. “Wasting time? Your time isn’t worth anything.”

      That’s an *ignorant* thing to say.

      How much time do you think it takes me to post a message? Obviously you don’t know… hence my word choice.

      Have to do something while my programs compile and deploy…

      “same irrational, emotional and pathetic boohooistic bombast.”

      Good description of your general attitude.

        1. Someone has to keep an eye on FFFF/Bushala. Lots of money floating around countering the interests of average citizens.

          1. All citizens of Fullerton are well below average. I’d say that everyone is in the bottom decile by the looks of things and you, well, first percentile Johnny.

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