Fullerton’s Observers Still Up In Arms

The trail didn’t go anywhere, but it sure was short…

The intelligent decision by Fullerton City Councilmembers Whitaker, Dunlap and Jung not to waste public money on the abysmal “Trail to Nowhere” has resulted in high dudgeon and angst among Fullerton’s unthinking Observers. They have stirred up uniformed kids (interns they call ’em) to include it in a video about Fullerton’s crumbling infrastructure – missing the rich irony of a city unable to take care of the infrastructure it already has. They have instigated other kids to create a group calling itself “People Above Things” who will bring protest to the City Council meeting because somehow a useless trail is people and not a useless thing.

Here’s a fun anonymous essay that appeared in the latest paper version of the Fullerton Observer full of sturm und drang, confusion and all het up emotion:

What a silly mish-mash of unintelligible nonsense. I notice the reference to “Jane” by which I believe the author refers to a Jane Rands, who stood up and gave a very commonsensical address to the Council, but commonsense is not a highly respected commodity among Observers. What is “Hart?” Who is “Tony?” What on earth is the connection with Associated Road on the other side of town?

I can’t blame the author of this illiterate screed for wanting to remain anonymous, but she didn’t remain anonymous for long. On the Observer blog the author revealed herself: Sharon Kennedy, the long-time proprietess for the Observer whose “news” efforts never failed to read as confused editorial gobbledygook.

It’s clear that the Observers, Yellowing and Pink, will cling to this issue and try to nurture it despite the fact that it’s over and done with and the public at large, if properly informed of all the facts, would overwhelmingly applaud the wise decision of the Council. Facts are the perpetual bogeyman of the Fullerton Observers who peddle emotion, not reason, and promote waste, just so long as the goal satisfies their drive to support patronizing the lower classes, whom they believe depend upon their philanthropic gestures with everybody else’s money.

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  1. Someone named Saskia Kennedy pushed the idea that the “trail” connected east and west Fullerton – absolutely untrue. I’m sure she was too lazy to find out the truth or trusted someone like Zahra to inform her. Is this the same person as Sharon Kennedy?

  2. “unable to take care of the infrastructure it already has.”

    Well that’s ridiculously wrong.

    The problem is a backlog of work. Roadwork is being done all the time. Sometimes we get extra money from the feds or state.

    Returning the grant and not using the park fees to make a trail does not fix one fucking road any faster and you know that. Different pots of money.

    To fix the accumulated backlog of roadwork we either need to raise taxes or pray harder for manna from heaven. The end.

    1. Settle down there keyboard warrior.
      Your use of the F word fails to make your argument cogent. You’re still just a pathetic liberal shill.

    2. Thank you for continuing in the fine tradition of the muddled mind of Sharon Kennedy. Abbott and Costello, but here there’s no straight man.

    3. “Returning the grant and not using the park fees to make a trail does not fix one fucking road any faster and you know that. Different pots of money.”

      Nobody claimed that. You are a dummy. The End.

  3. “Cutting off discussion” is a bad thing?!?! Has this lady watched a meeting recently? All Shana and Akmad do is discuss things at nauseum. Nothing wrong with keepin it movin.

  4. The trail is to be located in south Fullerton, yet Associated Rd. is mentioned which is located in northeast Fullerton. Will this trail run from south Fullerton to north east Fullerton? Growing up in south Fullerton, I remember large sections of it was houses with generous front and backyards. Parks and trails are needed if the setting is an urban, densely, populated region where people squeezed into apartments and condos . Corny but true expression is parks are the lungs of urban settings. South Fullerton is the burbs where houses outnumber the apartments and condos. What is with the bold letter headings and Roman numerals ? The Fullerton Observer’s article is choppy writing with geographic puzzlers, innuendos and generalizing one example of a trail not needing maintenance (Santa Ana River Trail) therefore this trail won’t need maintenance is illogical. As an aside, since I am artist, like Sharon Kennedy, the bulb in my overhead projector has burned out. Can anyone tell me where I may buy a cheap replacement bulb?

    1. With this type of crap “journalism” , Foolerton is doomed.
      I stopped reading the “fish wrap” a long time ago. Glad 4 F is keeping track of the so called writers so are just parroting crap instead of researching the facts of an issue. Let’s pray none of them run for any office. There are already a couple of ego driven council members on board.
      Shed a tear for Fullerton this type of Observer writing has always been left wing and yet they call themselves a newspaper….

      1. It seems a sure bet to me that the dude who told those “interns” to include the Trail to Nowhere in their “infrastructure” video will give it a shot. That would explain the grandstanding a la Zahra.

  5. Fullerton BooHoo is wigging out. Normally they would have gone to bed by now, but…Outrage Theater. And semi-literate, at that.

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