Another Tough Trail Truth

During the recent Trail to Nowhere kerfuffle one of the big problems the limo liberals had was bending their brains around the possibility of a multi-modal facility that might improve circulation and offer development flexibility, particularly in light of the massive development the City staff is going to try to cram into the 30 acres adjacent to the UP right-of-way.

Bikes and traffic don’t mix, came the anguished cry of people like Egleth Nucci and Shana Charles who would have never ridden a bike, or even ambled a long the Trail to Nowhere, and ignoring a world full of urban examples where bicycles and cars get along just fine.

These same self-appointed “experts” seemed unconcerned that their beloved trail would have to negotiate intersections at both Highland and Richman Avenues.

To find and example of a space shared by trail and car lane, all these Option 1/trail-only people had to do was look across Highland to their much bragged about “Phase I.” Here’s a satellite image:

Please note that the Phase I portion accommodates both a roadway and a recreation trail! Land o’ Goshen! Is it really possible? Well, of course it is. The trails cult has already built, and often described this existing configuration between the closed UP Park and Highland Avenue as the inevitable prelude to Phase II; but now for some reason, a paved portion west of Highland is verboten.

Oh, well, one thing we can expect in Fullerton, and that is a complete lack of reason and intelligence when it comes to this sort of thing. It’s more important that the so-called professionals do what they want, and there will always be enough dopes in the City to go along and to even be a called a “community.” And then there are those politicians like Ahmad Zahra who decide to score cheap points patronizing their constituents by giving them “nice things” that aren’t nice at all.

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  1. Of course they didn’t bother to think about it. If it’s not a staff idea, forget about it.

    If it isn’t a plausible show of solidarity with the untermenschen, they it isn’t worth it.

  2. Good post. Another thing that staff NEVER mentions is that this so-called Phase 1 of the rec trail is used by NOBODY except people sleeping in their cars and RVs, junkies and the odd pyromaniac.

    If their logic made any sense there would be people recreating on these paths just because somebody built them. But no one ever does.

    1. Don’t expect logic, consistency or even basic reasoning from the Observer crowd.

      They can’t give money away quick enough to prove their liberal bona fides.

  3. TF is a limo liberal and what does it have to do with fuck all?

    “bending their brains around the possibility of a multi-modal facility that might improve circulation and offer development flexibility”

    I think any liberal is going to have an easier time decoding that word salad than any given conservative. But hey, it’s quiet in my liberal limo, which helps the concentration.

    None of this matters. What matters is political will of the majority on the council. They weren’t interested in what the public thought, or the work done to acquire the grant… they CLAIM they would prefer a wider plan for the area, but where is it? If they want that excuse to be taken seriously, they should be putting forward an actual alternative.

    But they didn’t, so they shouldn’t.

    1. What the the “public” thought? Hahaha. Egleth Nuncci and a handful of staff flunkies and assorted boobs marshalled by Zahra.

      The real public doesn’t care about this fiasco.

    2. How come nobody uses Phase 1 for recreating, dumbass? According to you its mere presence should invite use.

    1. All of them? What about the time he tried to turn over the UP Park (in the barrio – offensive) to a private events center? That was not only criminally stupid, but just plain criminal, as in, against the law.

      Funny how Zahra’s brain-dead followers have no memories and no curiosity about his real decisions.

  4. He has brought up the staffing levels and supported the low income housing for the Fullerton residents. He cares and for the residents and staff.

    1. No he doesn’t he cares about posturing and preening. Fortunately his political career has reached its pinnacle – in one of the potholes he voted against fixing.

    2. He voted to give away millions in property value for a few “low income housing units.” He’s a fucking criminal.

  5. Sorry, but Zahra was spot on. Jung is clearly in cahoots with Bushala – both need to go. Zahra is the only one on the council with any real vision.

  6. The Bushalas tried to defame Councilman Ahmad Zahra with signs in his last election saying he has been arrested and charged. The Bushalas lost!

    Why listen to the Bushalas when they are losing?

      1. More people voted against Zahra than they voted for him. What’s that tell you?

        Let’s see, Zahra spend $42.00/vote to win a small District election? That IS a spending record to win a Fullerton District elections.

        in 2020, Dr. Vicky Calhoon lost to Zero by 200 votes and Vicky spent less than $400 total trying to get elected in D-5.

        The fact is, Paulette Marshal Chaffee would have won that election had it not been for the fact she got caught red handed (and plead guilty) to stealing two of Bushala’s PAC signs that read: NO PAULETE/CARPETBAGGER.

    1. Zahra was charged with battery and vandalism. Let’s see the letter from the DA exonerating him.

      Haha! Nobody is holding his breath.

  7. It’s awesome that Bushula’s attempt block Zahra from getting reelected failed so miserably. It shows that Bushala is a complete and utter failure. Perhaps Jung needs to join forces with Zahra. There was a time when being in Bushula’s crosshairs meant something. Not anymore. Zahra is the true dragon slayer!

    1. And did your boy explain his role in getting a fake Latino candidate so he could win? Zahra couldn’t slay his rent check. Which is due, by the way.

      1. He might not be able to slay his rent check, but he sure as hell slayed Bushala! Which makes Bushala even that more pathetic.

          1. Zahra slayed Bushala by winning his election. Zahra was able to block Bushala’s other candidates from getting elected. Zahra is a badass who has beat Bushala at his own game.

                1. Yeah. He wins with a 2-3 vote. And he voted against reopening UP Park. Quite a victory.

    2. Excellent observation. Zahra is running circles around the Bushala machine. Maybe it’s time for Bushala to pack his bags and retire to Florida since he’s no match against Zahra. Bushala is a washed up has-been when it comes to Fullerton politics.

      1. Name one thing Zahra has accomplished in his nearly 5 years on the City Council. Just one. Fitzy put him on the OCWD and the loser lost that gravy train.

          1. Only running a fake candidate. I wonder if he’s hit any more females lately.

            Oh, and he won’t be Mayor in 2024. Again.

            1. Whether he ran a fake candidate or a real one, it doesn’t matter. What matters is he beat Bushala at his own game.

        1. It doesn’t matter what he accomplished. He won his election despite being attacked on all sides by the Bushalas. Bushala’s candidate lost to Charles (who was backed by Zahra). The Bushalas are NO MATCH to Zahra’s juice

  8. Fullerton can’t even keep the existing “trail” clean and maintained. Not one word about that from pervert Zahra or clueless Charles. And neither of them gave one second of consideration to the statements from City Mgr.’s that the overall plan for the area was coming up for review in the near future. The fact that there was ZERO comment or review of any kind by the Planning Dept or Public Works Dept. makes it painfully obvious that the “trail” is not even supported by them but was a Parks and Rec make work project. Thank God the lying bitch Alice Loya is spiraling down the Fullerton Shit Hole for subordinate employees.

  9. How’s this important? Who cares! Boring! If you don’t like the staff and their suggestions, fire the manager and hire someone who will fire staff. If you don’t like Ahmad, get rid of him and move on! Talk about unfunded pensions and corruption!

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