Zahra in The Mail

Someone once said there is no such thing as bad publicity. I’m not sure about that.

Sometimes the truth hurts. But the Good Book says the truth will set us free.

There’s no denying it. Until Zahra shows some proof that he was exonerated as he claims, his criminal record is now history.

12 Replies to “Zahra in The Mail”

  1. Fullerton has a long history of ignoring history so that scumbags and idiots hang around in power forever. It’s way past time to let power hungry slimers like Zahra realize that their past is going to be harder avoid than they thought.

    1. Let’s pray this shameless turd is relegated to Fullerton’s dustbin of fetid political hacks and humps.

  2. Relevance? I don’t expect or need politicians to be perfect human beings.

    He’s an incumbent, so he has a voting record. That’s what actually matters.

    Rehashing this over and over means you can’t find fault with his votes, you did and you forgot, or you’re too lazy to keep the focus on relevant commentary.

    But why start now, right?

    1. When I say, I really mean we. Dr. Schwarztman says this isn’t quite normal but I’m afraid we have to disagree. Is our opinion that the more voices that are heard the better I like it.

      God we’re tired. I need my pill.

    2. So you want to talk about a voting record? That’s okay by me. Let’s start with putting dope stores within 100 of schools and homes. And then there’s the embarrassing bit about giving a park to an Irvine corporation to develop a private events center – unethical and ILLEGAL. And then there’s that pesky fact of supporting a regressive tax on his poorer constituents.

      Got it, dumbass?

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