Is the OC Democrat Party Deliberately Trying to Split Latino Votes? Looks Like It.

When council districts were finally created in Fullerton – in response to a lawsuit, one district was designed to support Fullerton’s large Latino community – District 5. In 2018 D5 elected a non-Latino which of course was surprising but perfectly legal. But what would Latinos think about a concerted effort by the OC Democratic party to make sure the Latino vote was divided to protect Ahmad Zahra, the non-Latino incumbent?

Enter Tony Castro, the dead-beat nobody who popped up out of nowhere and pulled election papers the day after Oscar Valadez, who has lived in D5 for over 20 years.

Recently FFFF has been bombarded with spam comments all of which came from Tony Castro himself. I took out the trash, but not before salvaging this little gobbet of that is quite revealing: a statement that Castro was approached by one Ajay Mohan:

This snippet has the ring of truth. There is an Ajay Mohan and he is the director of the OC Democrat Party. Here he is:

Now that’s not very good, is it?

Now why would Mr. Mohan recruit an unknown, broke, Tony Castro to run against the incumbent who has the endorsement of Party Central? The answer is, unfortunately, crystal clear: to take votes away from Oscar Valadez. This dirty little trick is as old as elections themselves, of course, but to see the Dems do it to working class Latinos betrays a special sort of cynical mindset.

Get off my grass…

Which brings us to the OC Dem Party Chairperson, Ada Briceno, a Latina unionista who apparently has decided to bamboozle La Raza in support of the egregious Zahra – who has supported dope stores near schools, who battered a Latina woman, and who voted to give away a public park in the barrio to a private events center/caterer.

12 Replies to “Is the OC Democrat Party Deliberately Trying to Split Latino Votes? Looks Like It.”

  1. This is credible speculation and not at all surprising. The Dem Party only cares about itself not its untermensch clients. Of course Zahra knew about this. Can this Castro chump be that big of an idiot? Or did they promise him some sort of low-level ass kiss job when it’s over?

  2. This is all normal and part of politics. That’s what we tell myself. And I tell ourselves that these people need to be goverened by their betters for their own good.

  3. Zahra is no good for Fullerton. It’s common knowledge that ALL the councilmen hate Zahra. Even Jesus hates him. If the OCDP wants to advance their policies, they would be better served by anyone other than Zahra.

  4. So Tony Castro is another Dem Party Stooge like Zahra. Figures. Can’t they come up with any organic community candidates? Do they have to engineer who represents the people of District 5 just because it is full of poor people? The answers are “YES” because the party hacks think they can outsmart the voters by pimping a “Gay Muslim” who will do anything for money. Cough cough. What a brand that is!

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