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It’s always sort of pathetic when government entities feel the need to burnish their images – as if doing a good job weren’t satisfaction enough. But it becomes almost annoying when we have to pay for such propaganda. Such was the case a few years back when the taxpayers had to shell out $50,000 a year so that our ruinously expensive police department could keep telling us untermenchen how wonderful they are. No mention was made of Fullerton’s tsunami of cop-related lawsuits, of course. The diversion of attention was pretty appalling.

Of course the image is everything and we, poor schmuck check-writers must be constantly reminded of how wonderful and valuable our public employees are and how we must remember this at budget time

Well, our Heroes are at it again. Peruse this Twitter post from City Hall and try not to barf:

National Hero Day. Oh, brother. Hero. Deserve. Selflessly serve? No, if that were really true they’d be working for a reasonable compensation, not gouging out three quarters of our budget for a third of the workforce.

Comically, the people who produced this tripe added maintenance workers to the Hero tribe, presumably for PR effect. These poor step-brothers of our exalted Heroes make a fraction of the wages and benefits bestowed upon their better unionized brethren, even though their education level is practically the same. Why they didn’t add meter maids, garbage truck drivers, mailmen and anybody else who wears a government service uniform escapes me.

Is there a Hero in your life?

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    1. God damn. These rats have overpaid themselves so much that the city can no longer afford enough of them to provide basic services. These fat heroes are putting us at risk and some cases, even killing us.

  1. The fire hero photo features Adam Loeser, Jamie Newton, and Wolfgang Knabe; the latter two haven’t worked here for years.

    When they did, just the three of them cost Fullerton and Brea taxpayers about $1.2 million dollars per year.

  2. Nauseating….the reason Fullerton can’t have anything nice is because of these over paid, over pensioned, and under worked “heroes.” Not to mention the endless lawsuits, settlements, and hush money paid as a result of the “heroes” fine work in the community. The next time you drive through one of Fullerton’s many potholes, be sure to thank one of these “heroes.”

  3. Fullerton’s “heroes” molest children, murder homeless men, drive drunk, destroy property, lie habitually and try to extort the public. With heroes like these, you don’t need enemies.

    1. Jealous of selfish, greedy, lying thugs? Not! Public safety thugs are filled with envy and fueled by jealousy. It’s what compelled them to thuggery and lying to steal from the public to line their own pay and pension pockets.

      Ever heard of Lackie, Dammerier and McGill? They were the mob attorney for most California police and fire unions who were convicted of criminal conduct on behalf of their union clients. You see, the “heroes” are anything but heroic. They are despicable.

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