Is Domer Dunn?

Hitching to Ridgecrest…

Last Tuesday the Fullerton City Council majority finally got sick and tired enough with their hapless City Manager to tell him to take a hike. The votes to oust Ken Domer came from Bruce Whitaker, Nick Dunlap and Fred Jung.

Cop coverup artist, drug warrior, IT wizard, this talented cat can do it all…

Insiders are suggesting that his temporary replacement will be none other than Police Chief Robert Dunn.

The Council is meeting Tuesday to discuss a replacement appointment.

The handwriting is on the wall…

And when you think about it, the only real question is why it took so long.

Ken Domer
Domer. There’s a lot less there than meets the eye.

By any measurable standards, Ken Domer was not very good at his job. He took too long to address the City’s structural budget deficits, and when he did, his solution was to raise sales taxes – taxes not even aimed at our horrible infrastructure.

Under Domer we saw the deliberate ignoring of noise code violation enforcement and the effort to dilute the relevant codes. We saw the the aiding and abetting of a permit applicant who forged official planning documents. We saw idiotic and unsupervised vanity construction projects. We saw stupid things like the recently killed “aquaponics farm” and the connivance required to begin a Specific Plan without any input from the community or even the City Council.

We saw a string of “consultants” hired out of the blue to perform tasks that Domer and his highly paid staff should have been able to do in their sleep.

Why the underqualified Domer was ever hired in the first place will probably always remain a mystery, except that it makes perfect sense that Jennifer Fitzgerald, our former Mayor-for-hire, wanted someone who would reliably do what she wanted without asking any embarrassing questions.

Along with walking legal catastrophe, Dick Jones, Domer was certainly complicit in the vindictive lawsuit waged by the City against FFFF bloggers, a disastrous strategy that will cost the tax-payers plenty.

Measure S Covid Lie

But it was the ill-fated and duplicitous Measure S sales tax scam that really iced the cake. It was designed as a rescue for the pay and pensions of Fullerton’s full-time public employees, who, during the pandemic, have continued to enjoy pay and benefits while many of Fullerton’s residents and business were suffering the cruelty of a real world unprotected by the largesse dispensed by government union-friendly politicians.

Well, Domer is gone, but it would be a waste of time and tears to mourn his departure. He is getting a month’s pay and benefits up front worth $25,000. And then he will begetting 9 months’ pay and benefits courtesy of a contract extension granted just two month before last November’s election by Fitzgerald and her council cronies Ahmad Zahra, Jan Flory, and Jesus Silva. That’s another $25,000. Per month. And the bonanza of Domer’s pension spike in Fullerton will be a cost borne by all of us for a long, long time.

The people of Fullerton have been awful good to the Domer family.

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  1. The fire union goons had a strong hand in this as well. They’re still cunty over the fact that Domer pushed the mutual aid agreement with Placentia and they basically threatened Whittaker, Dunlop and Jung that they would pour every dime they had into defeating them in the next election cycle if they didn’t push Domer out.

    1. There is truth to that and it may have influenced Jung – if he needed any encouragement. But Dunlap now has a safe seat and Whitaker can’t be intimidated by the guys who watch buildings burn down.

      Watch: the mutual aid agreement will not go away.

  2. Yes he got a sweet 10 month pay out. BUT HE ALSO GOT A PENSION SPIKE FOR LIFE. We’ll be paying him and his beneficiaries for a long, long, long, long time.

    1. Yes, that’s often been the case. Cheaper in the long run just to set them adrift where they can’t do any damage.

  3. I haven’t been this happy since the Wicked Witch of the West got to splashed with a bucket of water.

  4. This guy abused the power of city hall to sue some bloggers who exposed his bungling mismanagement. He’s a corrupt asshole. The cost of keeping him would have been much more than sending him packing.

  5. This is great news. Now they need to get rid of Domer’s partner in crime, Matt Foulkes. Foulkes and his secret sweetheart deals need to be under a microscope. There is far more going on than has been made public.

  6. After the aquaponic farm comedy and the jam-it-down-your-throat specific plan cooked up by himself, I predict Foulkes’ days are numbered, too.

    And then they can dump that Heather Allen too. She can join the Fullerton Heritage group just like Joan Wolfe.

  7. And Chaffee is now head of the Homeless Commission of the Board of Supes.

    Holy hell!

    He is now going to do to all of OC what he did to Fullerton–make it a homeless magnet. And no doubt with Pathways of Hope(less) in charge.

    1. That would imply Dougie knows what he’s doing and subsequently that he actually likes the job and puts the work in. He is clueless and lazy. Lucky us.

  8. If there is justice, Domer will be permanently unemployed and CalPERS will suffer financial collapse. Domer needs to find himself homeless and eating out of a dumpster.

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