Fire Union Puppet Adam Loeser

On Tuesday night, the Fullerton Fire Department will be asking the City Council to void an automatic aid agreement with the City of Placentia. In simple terms, automatic aid is supposed to help both Fullerton and Placentia by allowing units to respond into the other city automatically when Advanced Life Support (ALS) or a multiple unit response is needed.


When Placentia was still served by OCFA, the fire union had no problem whatsoever with automatic aid. Once Placentia decided to create their own department using private paramedics, the union threw a fit and continues to do so. Members of the Fullerton Firefighters’ Association and their families have bullied the City Council on numerous occasions.

Former City Manager Ken Domer supported the automatic aid agreement. Once he was fired, the union saw an opportunity to scrap the agreement but needed someone to champion their cause, a full on union puppet. They found their man — Adam Loeser — Fire Chief of the Fullerton and Brea Fire Departments.

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Adam Loeser

The arrogance of Adam Loeser is almost unprecedented even in government circles. He’s asking the City Council to cancel the agreement but lists no specifics as to why. Nothing. Not even a clue. Just a blanket statement backed up by no details. The City Council will apparently have to beg him for details.

To make this even more shady, Adam Loeser scheduled “Fire Personnel Distinguished Service Awards” for the very same meeting. This ensures that lots of fire department employees (and their families) will already be present at the meeting so they can bully and intimidate the City Council when the Placentia agreement comes up later — exactly what the fire union wants.

Tuesday night will be packed with self-righteous vitriol by the Fullerton Fire clowns claiming (again) that Placentia is an inferior department, that public safety is at risk, etc, etc. Let’s hope three of our five City Council members can see through their nonsense and vote no.

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  1. The Fullerton Fire union had a president named Mark Huckabey. Mark retired as a Fullerton captain and is now … drumroll … employed by Placentia as a fire captain.

    You can’t make this stuff up. The current fire union president is at war over something the previous fire union president sees nothing wrong with.

    Just a tidbit of inconvenient truth. Carry on!

  2. Oh great. Another 10 hour meeting full of union goons telling taxpayers that life is too hard with $200,000+ a year of compensation.

    I deserve a $#@&ing road that’s not full of holes. Screw you, your river toys, and your side gig as a realtor.

  3. I guess FFFs buddy Fred Jung is bought and paid for by the fire union. Can’t have good AND less expensive service now, can we.

      1. No. Ahmad is in on it too. If these guys had any balls they do what Placentia did. But if the queen had balls she’d be king.

  4. This proves the complete uselessness of Steve Danley. A guy with nothing to lose caves in to this shit.

    I also smell a nasty little Brown Act violation by Quirk-Silva.

  5. “Let’s hope three of our five City Council members can see through their nonsense and vote no.”

    The fix is already in.

  6. If they had any integrity they would form a joint authority with Brea, Placentia and Buena Park and go private paramedic/transportation. No more needless joy-riding to St. Judes.

    1. But they don’t have any integrity. None of them. They are filled with pride and greed.

      We are Hero. We deserve!

  7. Police and Fire Unions = Organized Crime Syndicates

    They both use force and coercion to extort money from innocent people and they get away with murder.

  8. I get so tired of people that live in other cities wanting to make changes in the city I live in. There are no financial consequence for them. This Adam Loeser lobbied for city tax increases to CERT volunteers. In fact he went so far as to say if they don’t get the increase it could possibly delay their response time for an emergency. That attitude is unacceptable to me and something should be done about it. Only bad things will come from him.

  9. Fullerton is in the financial mess that it’s in today in major part because of the fire department, their ridiculous salary demands and the fact their labor agreement mandates 4 person engine companies which isn’t warranted and only drives up costs to unsustainable levels. The union goons want 4 man engine companies because that 4th body is a dues paying union goon squad member. That’s the real truth behind that. Most fire departments are 3 man companies.

    1. I’m an FF (not in California) with no dog in your city’s FD fight for 4 man engine. My fire department has both 3 person and 4 person engine companies. I can tell you that the extra person makes a huge difference. Getting hose deployed and advanced faster to get to fires is crucial (fires spread faster with the newer construction). Cardiac Arrest operations are manpower intensive needing several tasks done simultaneously for better outcomes. Also we commonly are requested lift heavy individuals from the ground after falling. The potential for back injuries is there. You have to look at the extra person like insurance. You hate to pay for it but you’ll glad you had it when you need it.

      1. Except that there are hardly any fires anymore. And when the happen the “mutual aid” kicks in – in paramedic calls too. And then a dozens or more guys stand around spraying water on a lost cause, or waiting to go to the hospital to pick up their paramedic brother and give him a ride back to the station for hoops and chili.

        In other words, go away. Pay your own insurance and quit ripping us off with your gamed overtime racket.

      2. Well thank God for Class A construction, non-combustible materials and fire sprinkler systems – California’s buildings and structures are some of the safest in the world as a result of stringent building codes, not fire heroes who need extra help to deploy hose lines. We can also thank God for Lucas machines that can provide chest compression for hours on end and single role medics and EMTs who are credited with cardiac saves everyday while the fire heroes are busy yanking their hoses. The potential for back injuries also exist when you doofuses get in and out of your lazy-boys in the fire station.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is, you’re not as important as you think you are but at least we get to overpay and go bankrupt because you are hero and deserve.

  10. This type of blackmail will never end until the public employees bankrupt the cities. Their power to hire and fire their bosses (city councils) through their unlimited ability to spend union dues on politics, will destroy our system of government.

  11. The Fullerton Fire Union Goons have been fighting auto aid with Placentia because they don’t want to see private Lynch medics running medical calls in Fullerton. Placentia has shown that private medics are superior to the union goons in terms of quality of service and cost – Fullerton could easily contract with the private sector for paramedics and cut staffing in the department by at least half. Save a fortune every year.

    1. If you contract with the private sector for 911 paramedic services then yeah, you could probably get by with a volunteer fire department. Cuz fighting fire is something they only do once in a while anyway. The lion’s share is medical, why not hand that off to a better and more cost efficient service provider?

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