Cho Collects Corrupt Cronies

Barf Man Returneth…

When FFFF first introduced Andrew Cho to the Friends we noted that his list  of “endorsers” was a veritable rogues’ gallery of political crooks, swindlers and liars. And now the collection is complete:

What do we have here?

It is right and proper that the Cho, the hapless stooge of outgoing Mayor-for-Hire Jennifer Fitzgerald should have the backing of “Democrat” Doug “Bud” Chaffee, the senile and incompetent clown who let Fullerton go to Hell even as he bought himself a job at the County. It’s also perfectly predictable. Lobbyist Curt Pringle, who employs Fitzgerald is a big fundraiser for Chaffee, obviously expecting favors in return. This is one of them.

And let’s never forget Chaffee’s better half Paulette Marshall, whose well-documented political hijinks and actual crimes, must have been well-known to hubby.

But the recommendation that bankruptcy lawyer Cho’s record in “financial recovery” is somehow an asset should cause even the dimmest wit to ponder Fullerton’s future with Cho on the council dais.


10 Replies to “Cho Collects Corrupt Cronies”

  1. Jung is against on the grift sales tax. Jung is against developing Coyote Hills and Bastanchury. Silva and Zahra are supporting both. Easy choice for me.

  2. Didnt Jennifer also write to republicans last election asking them to vote for Paulette? This is all related. Sadly.

  3. Does anyone know of the Democratic party of Orange County approves of elected Democrat officials endorsing Republicans? Thought that was against their bylaws.

    Chaffee isn’t a dedicated Democrat, definitely not true to his party, or true to anyone else, maybe true to Paulette? He’s lied to the citizens of Fullerton on a number of occasions and on issues. a true martian that’s for sure.

    Lastly, does he have something up his rear in this photo? It sure looks like that, or maybe just a case of bad hemorrhoids.

  4. I’m no fan of MSDNCs. But if MAGAs had a turncoat like Chaffee retaliating on behalf of his sign stealing wife, we leave him by the side of the road.

  5. There are no desperate situations, only desperate people. This mailer stinks of a small campaign trying to promote an even smaller candidate, who seems to have a problem for every solution. Chaffee + Cho = CHOFFEE. They deserve one another. For sickness and in health.

  6. Chaffees endorsement most likely cost Cho the election. Whoever ran Cho’s scampaign made a huge mistake getting Chaffee’s dumdass endorsement. Thanks Mike and Chris (whatever your last names are). Hahaha

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